Need a non-religious wedding ceremony reading? You've come to the right place!

Writing your own wedding ceremony can be tough. Especially when you're going non-secular or fusing two cultures or traditions together. So, we provide non-religious readings and rituals sourced from a variety of places: books, songs, movies and famous quotes from influential people. And, there's another place we source our best new wedding ceremony reading ideas from…

Those on the front lines – our beloved wedding planners, photographers and vendors – are the first to pick up the best new ideas for ceremony readings from their own real couples. Ari Busch, Operations Manager and Lead Planner at Bridal Bliss, shared some favorite song lyrics that you can include in your ceremony:

“One of the best ways to creatively customize your ceremony is to find readings that speak to you as a couple. From rap lyrics to movie quotes, to inside jokes, we’ve seen it all and we love how expressive this element can be for each couple! One of our personal favorites is “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles.”

Wedding Ceremony Reading Expert from “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles

“My whole heart
Will be yours forever
his is a beautiful start
To a lifelong love letter
Tell the world that we finally got it all right
I choose you
I will become yours and you will become mine
We are not perfect
We'll learn from our mistakes
And as long as it takes
I will prove my love to you
I am not scared of the elements
I am under-prepared, but I am willing
And even better
I get to be the other half of you”

How to Incorporate This Song in Your Wedding Decor

Planning to use these lyrics in your wedding ceremony? You can incorporate it in your decor, as well! Consider including these lyrics in your wedding stationery suite or ceremony programs. Or perhaps, hire a calligrapher to make a beautiful sign to display in your reception area. We also recommend writing them in your keepsake vow books, so you can look back at these sweet lyrics for years to come.

That’s not all, we have even more readings to inspire your modern wedding ceremony.