We're staunchly in the “You do you” camp when it comes to wedding planning. In fact, we have loads of advice on how to tell unsupportive friends and family about your fabulous wedding plans. There are, however, some wedding trends that we know wedding vendors would prefer you not to follow.

This is not because they're “tacky” or “not cool” or anything like that. This advice is purely to make sure your wedding photos are not sabotaged by said trend…

End the Trend: Wedding Recessional Bubbles

“Huh? You don't want us to have bubbles?” Seems like a very non-controversial subject, right? Let me explain…

As a wedding photographer myself, my stomach lurches when I hear the couple is going to have guests blow bubbles as they walk back down the aisle following their first kiss. Why? Two reasons:

  1. The likelihood that my camera and lens will be covered in bubble suds is high. Any of those bubbles that come near the camera could pop, then soak my lens with soap. This means that any of the following photos (until the lens can be properly cleaned) will have a soapy filter, fogging up images and altering colors. Let's remember that this is a very quick moment when photographers have to walk backward while focusing on the couple. They don't have much time or opportunity to watch out for bubbles in their peripheral.
  2. It can be quite difficult to focus on the couple when loads of bubbles come between the photographer and the bride(s) and/or groom(s). Of course, this is a secondary complaint. All good wedding photographers should be able to create photo magic in the toughest of situations. But, why make your photographer's job more difficult? If you want to set your photographer up for success in taking the perfect post-ceremony photos, forgoing a mass of bubbles will be appreciated.

Photo by Janine Licare

Bubble Alternatives

There are other fun, more eco-friendly alternatives (remember, bubbles nearly always come in small disposable plastic tubes) to throw when you walk back down the aisle. These are items that won't put your photographer's camera lens at risk of being covered with soap.

  1. Rose petals
  2. Dried florals
  3. Birdseed
  4. Hole-punched leaves
  5. Seed paper confetti
  6. Lavender

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