Being a wedding vendor shouldn't be a thankless job. Photographers, planners, florists, caterers and everyone else involved work so hard to make couples' wedding dreams come true. Thanking your wedding vendors for all of their hard work is crucial. And we've got loads of ideas beyond the obligatory thank you card.

Leading up to, and on the wedding day there are a number of ways to show your wedding vendors how much you appreciate their help. We cover them all in our guide to getting next-level service from your wedding vendors. From sending them a wedding invitation to seating them at the tables with your guests, these are pre-emptive “thank you”s to those who work so hard to make your dream wedding day a reality.

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Beyond creating wedding magic, wedding vendors too often deserve thanks for putting out fires. From wedding-day snafus that you'll never know about to keeping problem guests at bay – it's your wedding vendor team who keeps your day flowing.

When the marriage license is signed and you're off on your honeymoon, there are numerous other creative ways to give a big fat thank you to your wedding crew.

Tip your vendors!

“Surprisingly, many couples actually do not know that it's standard to tip. Most wedding pros we work with will tell you that they receive gratuities exponentially more when couples are working with a planner or when they utilize a wedding-specific payment platform like Like Paper Coin that suggests adding a gratuity to the final payment.” – Nora Sheils, Founder of Bridal Bliss and Co-Founder of Rock Paper Coin

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Recognize your vendors during the reception.

“I was once a part of an event where the host asked myself and the catering team to step into the reception space to be publicly recognized and applauded by their guests. It was so gratifying to see people acknowledging all of our hard work, and it's a memory I'll always cherish.” – Ashley Lachney, Owner of Alston Mayger Events

Leave them glowing reviews.

“Writing even a short review for your favorite wedding vendors can really make their day—and boost their business! Glowing reviews may also convince other engaged couples to book your vendors. Leave your reviews on websites or simply email your testimonial directly to each vendor. You can even be loud and proud promoting them on your own social media by posting your wedding photos, crediting your vendors in both the photo and the caption, and tagging their accounts.” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director of Here Comes The Guide

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Surprise them with a treat long after your wedding day is over.

“While, of course, you’ll be riding a high right after your wedding, you’ve seen firsthand how hard your vendors work – and they’re surely working just as hard on all of the other beautiful weddings they’re handling this year! In addition to giving a thoughtful thank-you gesture on your wedding night or in the following weeks, consider surprising them a few months later with a “thinking of you!” gesture. Especially during the busy season, this is a great way to remind your vendors that they are appreciated and valued, even when they are no longer actively working alongside you!” – AJ Williams, Founder & Creative Director, AJ Events

Write a letter.

“Giving your vendor a thank you letter filled with specifics of how they helped you have the most magical day will not go unappreciated. It’s also great because it lets vendors know what they’re doing right so they can continue to do them for couples in the future.” – Lisette Gatliff, Lisette OC Photography

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Give them a gift card to their favorite local spot!

“Stalk your vendor's social media and find out their favorite restaurant, coffee shop or place to visit and get them a gift certificate to their favorite location! This could include an overnight stay somewhere you know they love, coffee for a year at their favorite coffee shop or a nice gift certificate for a spa day!” – Jamie Bohlin, Cape Cod Celebrations

Make a donation to a charity in their name.

“This is a great way to show your appreciation for your wedding vendor, and it's also a nice way to give back. Just make sure to let them know that you made the donation in their name so they feel extra special.” – Allie Calzada, Allie the Wedding Officiant LLC

Drop by during their vendor meal with wine.

“If you're looking for a way to thank vendors at your reception, vendors are always appreciative of a hot dinner entree, preferably the same as guests, and maybe stepping to their room to thank them in person and hand out tips, bottles of wine or gift cards is so appreciated.” – Valarie Falvey, Kirkbrides Wedding Planning & Design

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Offer to be added to their portfolio.

“Help them out by agreeing to be a part of their potential clients' portfolios. By using your wedding as a perfect example of what they can do, you could help them seal the deal faster with possible new clients. After all, showing them a wedding like yours will surely make them want to instruct their services!” – JP Events & Design

Ask them their preferred platform for reviews.

“This might go without saying, but reviewing your vendors by asking them their preferred platform for reviews and then going there and leaving said review goes such a long way. Especially on Google, this helps prioritize that vendor's SEO in search results, and (at the end of the day), helps new potential clients find and see all of the ways that vendor helped make your day absolutely amazing.” – Ashley Lachney, Owner of Alston Mayger Events

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Send them a custom cake or dessert.

“This one is definitely a sweet way to say thanks! You can order a cake with their business logo or name, or get creative and come up with your own design.” – Allie Calzada, Allie the Wedding Officiant LLC

Send a hand-written note.

“The handwritten thank-you note – it's a lost art. Nothing beats receiving a handwritten note in the mail, especially from a client. My day brightens every time it happens. I believe that it shows appreciation and gratitude for all of the work that we did. It's a great personal touch that goes a long way!” – Anna Rodenbeck, Whitehead + Co.

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Tag your vendors in your photos!

“When you share on social media, tag your vendor team so others can easily tap in for a follow or to submit inquiries themselves. I always appreciate this so much and make sure to show client photos extra love when the vendor team is tagged.” – Ashley Lachney, Owner of Alston Mayger Events

Invite them to your anniversary party.

“This is a great way to keep in touch with your vendors and show them that you still appreciate their services! Just make sure to send them an invitation well in advance so they can save the date.” – Allie Calzada, Allie the Wedding Officiant LLC

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Send a personal thank-you gift.

“A personal thank you gift after the event will be greatly appreciated. Cash is king, but a gift that is authentic and thoughtful is always remembered! Wedding pros are a very hard-working group…give the gift of relaxation. A spa certificate, reflexology, a night away, anything that encourages me-time and decompressing will be very much appreciated.” – Nora Sheils, Founder Bridal Bliss, Co-Founder Rock Paper Coin

Support them in their business endeavors.

“Beyond a written thank you note, the most important way to thank your vendors is to support them in their ability to continue to work with awesome people like you. Record a video review for their website. Allow them access to your event photography for social media and blog posting, post a public thank you and tag them on your social media. You can offer to do a phone interview or questionnaire for their blog. Leave a solid, detailed raving review posted on various platforms. Include this review or let them know of your efforts in these ways along with a few of your favorite photos in your thank you note and our hearts will melt. Your endorsement and enthusiasm mean so much to us!” – Andaleeb Firdosy, Creative Director & Founder, Atelier Azure

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Gift them a spa massage!

“I am so grateful for my wonderful clients, but it is always so special when they express how equally grateful they are for my hard work and services. If there is a vendor who has gone above and beyond, my number one suggestion would be gifting a spa massage to unwind from the hard work and, likely, long hours on foot at the wedding. Another great idea is to gift vendors with a goodie bag at the wedding, similar to a welcome bag for guests, with must-haves such as Advil, protein bar, water bottle, candy, and a thank you note. Although you will want to include a tip as well, these little bags make a big difference in showing how much you appreciate and care for your vendors!” – Melanie Levin, Owner of LuckEleven Events

Provide referrals for other jobs!

“Another way to thank your vendors is to refer them for other jobs! Referrals are a huge honor, and I can't tell you the smile it brings to my face when I see that a new potential client heard about me from a happy past client/friend.” – Ashley Lachney, Owner of Alston Mayger Events

Publicly thank them on social media.

“A quick post or Instagram story expressing your gratitude is a great way to show appreciation for your wedding vendor. And, it doesn't cost you a single dime! Just make sure to tag their business page so they see it and can share it to their audience.” – Allie Calzada, Allie the Wedding Officiant LLC

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Write a blog post about your wedding

Writing a blog post about your wedding is a great way to showcase your vendors and give them more exposure. You can include details about each vendor, along with links to their websites and social media pages. This will help their SEO and bring more traffic to their site, potentially leading to more business for them in the future.

Send a Care Package

Sending your vendors a care package is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation. You can include items that they would appreciate, such as gourmet snacks, coffee, or wine. This will not only show your gratitude, but also brighten their day and let them know that their hard work is appreciated.

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Send a Video Message

Recording a heartfelt video message thanking your vendors for their hard work and dedication is a personal way to show your appreciation. You can send the video message to each vendor individually or create a group message to send to all of them at once. This will show that you took the time to express your gratitude and let them know how much you appreciated their help.

Host a vendor appreciation event

Hosting a vendor appreciation event after your wedding is a great way to personally thank each of your vendors and give them a small gift or token of appreciation. This could be a brunch or dinner party, or even a fun activity like a wine tasting or spa day. This will show your appreciation in a more personal way and create a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Wedding vendors work hard, so make sure they're taken care of! Here's our proper etiquette guide on how to treat your wedding vendors.