Sometimes, our favorite ceremony readings and traditions come not from our wedding experts and vendors (although, they sure are full of great ideas). Instead, we take inspiration from our Real Weddings section, where real brides and grooms share their own unique wedding ceremony traditions.

Recently, we featured Alaina and Fitz' Barn of Chapel Hill wedding in North Carolina. Aside from all the fabulous celestial decor ideas, we take great inspiration from their unique wedding ceremony inclusion:

Our Moment of Gratitude

“During the ceremony, our wonderful and thoughtful officiant gave us the idea to take a moment to acknowledge our guests during the ceremony. Although we knew the moment was going to happen, I don’t think either of us was ready for the rush of emotion that we felt while looking at all those we loved in one place. It only lasted a second or two, but it was one of our favorite parts of the day!” – Real bride, Alaina.

The happy couple told us that their ‘Moment of Gratitude' was one of their favorite portions of their entire wedding day. If that's not a rave review, we don't know what is.

How to Include ‘A Moment of Gratitude'

Wondering how you can fit this idea into your wedding ceremony? We have a handy Simple Wedding Ceremony Order Guide that you can customize. We'd recommend adding this to the ‘Special Readings and Live Performances' section of your wedding ceremony.

Given that this is such a new idea, it's up to you and your officiant how you'd like it to happen. Perhaps, ask your officiant to say something simple about what it means to have support in a marriage. Your celebrant can ask you to turn toward your guests during the reading. That way you can see how many loved ones you have present offering love and support.

Alternatively, you could write a line or two yourselves thanking your friends and families. Then, have your officiant read your acknowledgment to the audience during your ceremony. This is particularly a great idea if you are a bit introverted and don't wish to give any speeches later in the evening. You can give a heartfelt thank you without taking the microphone yourselves.

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