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The 19 Best Home Decor Shops On Etsy

If you’ve been here for a minute, you’ve probably noticed us wax poetic about Etsy for your handmade, one-of-a-kind wedding needs (especially wedding dresses). But, did you know that Etsy also offers a treasure trove of original home goods?

Whether you’re furnishing a new home or just looking to liven up your space a bit, the hunt for quality home goods can be inspiring or just downright frustrating. Maybe you don’t want to go for the same cheap, trite trends everyone is buying at the big box stores. Maybe instead you want something that’ll make a statement, something that you can even pass down for generations to come.

For these reasons and more, we can’t get enough of Etsy. It’s a veritable online maker’s market – you’re guaranteed to discover the very thing you were hoping to find, and if you can’t, there are a variety of shops that offer custom orders. You may even find something you didn’t even know you needed and now you can’t live without it.

Read our gushing reviews below or click through our list to get straight to shopping.

  1. Bedding: Sand Snow Linen
  2. Rugs: Berber Tresorly
  3. Curtains: Cozy Brown
  4. Wallpaper: Sian Zeng
  5. Boho Decor: Libitii
  6. Concrete Decor: Beton Creatif
  7. Rattan Lighting: Thai Home Shop
  8. Candles: Cai Cai Handmade
  9. Wall Art: Kristen Boydstun
  10. Stonewares: Eleni Pal Ceramics
  11. Planters: Pepper Palm
  12. Japanese Lighting: 24d Studio
  13. Vintage Homewares: New Times Finds
  14. Tea Towels: Moon Tea Studio
  15. Baskets: Bliss Ghana Made
  16. Dried Florals: The Blaithin Blair Shop
  17. Shelving: Warwood Made
  18. African Decor: Bespoke Binny
  19. Suncatchers: Sol Proano

Sand Snow Linen

Best for: natural linen bedding and more.

Holy smokes, we found linen mecca! Bedding, curtains, seat pads, placemats, kitchen linens, table runners, shower curtains…if you can dream it in linen, Sand Snow will have it. Excuse us while we replace everything in our home with linen.

Shop Sand Snow Linen

The Best Etsy Home Decor Shops 2022 – Bridal Musings 16

Berber Tresorly

Best for: handmade Moroccan rugs.

Good news, you don’t have to travel all the way to Morocco to find a fabulous, one-of-a-kind Moroccan rug. From Marrakech to your doorstep, Berber Tresorly’s handmade and vintage rugs would make a stunning addition to any room. Round out the look with a set of beautiful wool Kilim poufs.

Shop Berber Tresorly

The Best Etsy Home Decor Shops 2022 – Bridal Musings 21

Cozy Brown

Best for: custom curtains.

Why are we still buying curtains from big box stores when shops like Seoul’s Cozy Brown exist? Their pillows, bedding, table cloths and drapes are such an easy way to bring a sense of hotel-grade luxury into your home. Those heavyweight linen blackout curtains are at the top of our wishlist.

Shop Cozy Brown


The Best Etsy Home Decor Shops 2022 – Bridal Musings 14

Sian Zeng

Best for: unique wallpapers.

What’s not to love about wallpapers? They’re an easy way to add some flair to a bedroom, and you can change them up when you’re ready for something fresh. We are obsessed with these charming wallpapers from London’s Sian Zeng. Each is authentically reproduced from Sian’s gorgeous original artwork and look straight out of a storybook. Wouldn’t these look so precious in a playroom?

Shop Sian Zeng

The Best Etsy Home Decor Shops 2022 – Bridal Musings 2


Best for: bohemian home decor.

There’s something about rattan Moroccan-style decor that exudes sophistication and luxury. Elevate your space with any of Libitii’s raffia or wicker pieces for the ultimate spa vibe. Have fun trying to decide between 500+ amazing pieces!

Shop Libitii

The Best Etsy Home Decor Shops 2022 – Bridal Musings 9

Beton Creatif

Best for: modern concrete decor.

We never knew concrete could look so chic! Crafted in whimsical designs and pastel colors, the concrete home goods of Brooklyn-based Beton Creatif are a gorgeous, inexpensive way to liven up your living room. One of everything, please!

Shop Beton Creatif

The Best Etsy Home Decor Shops 2022 – Bridal Musings 15

Thai Home Shop

Best for: rattan pendant lights.

Rattan may be having its moment in the sun, but Thai decor stands the test of time. Thai Home Shop’s bamboo pendant lights and rattan home decor instantly brighten any room. All of their sunny pieces are made in Thailand and the proceeds support local farmers.

Shop Thai Home Shop

The Best Etsy Home Decor Shops 2022 – Bridal Musings 17

Cai Cai Handmade

Best for: handmade candles.

Who knew there were so many creative ways to craft a candle? Texas-based Cai Cai makes handmade soy and beeswax candles that are a straight-up work of art. Those floral patterns are almost too beautiful to burn! Cai Cai also takes custom orders if you want to buy in bulk for, you know, a wedding…

Shop Cai Cai Handmade


The Best Etsy Home Decor Shops 2022 – Bridal Musings 13

Kristen Boydstun

Best for: minimalist wall art.

With delicate, cozy designs that feel like home, Kristen Boydstun’s fine art is a minimalist’s dream – not to mention an instant mood lift. These sunny illustrations would look darling in a beach house or child’s room.

Shop Kristen Boydstun

The Best Etsy Home Decor Shops 2022 – Bridal Musings 6

Eleni Pal Ceramics

Best for: handmade stonewares.

In our opinion, kitchen wares are such an underrated, yet essential piece of home decor. We use plates, bowls and mugs every day, so why not find a collection that cosplays as art? Function meets decoration with these sleek handmade ceramic goods from Eleni Pal Ceramics. They’re so chic you’re going to want to have them on display.

Shop Eleni Pal Ceramics


The Best Etsy Home Decor Shops 2022 – Bridal Musings 12

Pepper Palm

Best for: fun planters and the plants to match.

We love our plants like family, so why wouldn’t we display them with pride? Nashville’s Pepper Palm makes the cutest painted planters with funky abstract patterns in a variety of sizes, and they also double as a visual reminder to water those thirsty plants of yours.

Shop Pepper Palm

The Best Etsy Home Decor Shops 2022 – Bridal Musings 4

24d Studio

Best for: light fixtures with a Japanese aesthetic.

We get so excited when we find an under-the-radar Etsy brand that feels like a well-kept secret. But since we don’t believe in gatekeeping around here, let us introduce you to 24d Studio – a Japan-based home brand that fuses Japanese and Western aesthetics in modern pendant lighting. Get yourself a funky statement lamp that’ll be a conversation piece for years to come.

Shop 24d Studio


The Best Etsy Home Decor Shops 2022 – Bridal Musings 1

New Times Finds

Best for: vintage home decor.

Vintage lovers, rejoice! With a huge selection of over 800 vintage and retro homewares, Netherlands-based New Times Finds literally has something for everyone. Bonus points if you do all your Christmas shopping here too. Take advantage of that free shipping!

Shop New Times Finds


The Best Etsy Home Decor Shops 2022 – Bridal Musings 20

Moon Tea Studio

Best for: hand-painted tea towels.

Squashes and sardines never looked so sweet! We seriously want one of everything from Seattle’s Moon Tea Studio. They specialize in hand-painted table linens that are to die for, but they also sell prints that would make gorgeous wall art.

Shop Moon Tea Studio

The Best Etsy Home Decor Shops 2022 – Bridal Musings 11

Bliss Ghana Made

Best for: grass woven baskets and storage.

Style meets function at Bliss Ghana Made. Shop a wide selection of decorative and functional elephant grass/straw “Bolga” baskets for your design and storage needs. Baskets are handmade by women of Bolgatanga, the upper east region of Ghana.

Shop Bliss Ghana Made

The Best Etsy Home Decor Shops 2022 – Bridal Musings 5

The Blaithin Blair Shop

Best for: everlasting dried flowers.

Home is where the flowers are. The Blaithin Blair Shop’s gorgeous selection of dried flowers and preserved greenery are a low-maintenance way to bring the outside in. Great place to get a head start on Christmas decor, too!

Shop The Blaithin Blair Shop

The Best Etsy Home Decor Shops 2022 – Bridal Musings 3

Warwood Made

Best for: handmade wood shelving and home goods.

Floating shelves really are magic. They instantly elevate everything, from plants, pictures, perfumes, and knick-knacks from your travels, need we go on? Austin’s Warwood Made specializes in these gorgeous handmade shelves, among other wooden wares. They also take custom requests if you’re looking to build a one-of-a-kind heirloom piece.

Shop Warwood Made

The Best Etsy Home Decor Shops 2022 – Bridal Musings 22

Bespoke Binny

Best for: home decor bursting in color.

Say you’re on the hunt for that one-of-a-kind statement piece for your living room, one that’ll have your dinner party guests dying to know where you shop. Well lucky for you, Bespoke Bunny has entered the chat. This London-based shop crafts gorgeous African-inspired home goods varying from lampshades to table runners to blankets and pillows. They also take custom orders if you’re looking for a true original.

Shop Bespoke Binny

The Best Etsy Home Decor Shops 2022 – Bridal Musings 7

Sol Proano

Best for: quirky gifted decor.

Now that we’ve discovered the wonders of suncatchers, we need one in every room. We love these luminous light prisms from New York metal artist Sol Proano for brightening up the darker corners of a home. These self-described “objects for contemplation” would also make a charming gift.

Shop Sol Proano


The Best Etsy Home Decor Shops 2022 – Bridal Musings 19

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