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How To Create A Beautiful Wedding Photo Gallery Wall

How to Hang a Beautiful Wedding Photo Gallery Wall – Printique – Bridal Musings 8

Raise your hand if you planned a beautiful wedding, got the photos back (and swooned a bunch), but they’re still sitting in a Dropbox folder waiting to see the light of day. *Raises hand sheepishly.* If this is you too, may we suggest printing those beauties and designing a wedding photo gallery wall? It’s a commanding, aesthetically-pleasing way to display your treasured memories. Plus, they’re a fool-proof way to bring life and color into a home.

We get it — gallery walls can be intimidating, especially if your interior design chops leave something to be desired or you’re working from a limited budget (framing and printing can add up quickly!). All things considered, we can’t be the only ones with dozens of wedding photos waiting for their day in the sun.

The good news is that Printique is here to make our lives a whole lot easier when it comes to bringing those cherished photos to life. We recently introduced this premiere photography lab with our 75 Love Quotes for Your Wedding Album, and we think they’re a total godsend when it comes to building the perfect gallery wall. Printique makes it easier than ever to print your memories in an array of sizes, finishes and materials. They are a trusted name in the photo world with a satisfaction guarantee to back it up.

Now that we’ve introduced you to your go-to print lab, we’ve put together some guiding tips for creating the perfect wedding photo gallery wall. Now you have no excuses not to get the thing done!

1. Choose your anchor photos.

Start by identifying your anchor pieces that will set the theme and tone of the gallery. Pick two or three of your favorite images to print large and then build around them. Keep the second largest piece farther away from the first for balance.

2. Go bigger than you think.

Choose more pieces around 11×14”, 12×16”, 20×24”, 24×30”, etc. to really fill the space. 4×6”, 5×7”, and 8×10” look best on a tabletop (although they can be a great way to fill in any smaller blank spaces in your gallery).


How to Hang a Beautiful Wedding Photo Gallery Wall – Printique – Bridal Musings 4

3. Make life easy, use a wall design app.

Employ Printique’s Wall Design Wizard to choose a variety of sizes that fit together seamlessly. The app makes the task so simple. Choose the space your gallery wall will hang – it even accounts for tricky spaces like stairwells! Then pick your favorite layout and upload the images for each print.

4. Use variety for fun contrast and visual appeal.

Mix up sizes and orientations (horizontal and vertical) as well as frame styles and colors. Utilize various materials; Printique offers wood and aluminum in addition to quality photo paper. You can even explore printing mediums outside of photos, like artwork or your wedding vows.

How to Hang a Beautiful Wedding Photo Gallery Wall – Printique – Bridal Musings 5

5. Preparation is key.

Lay everything out on the floor before you start drilling holes. A pencil, tape measure, and leveler will be your best friend. Do some measuring beforehand to ensure you print the appropriate amount of photos at the right sizes.

6. Leave space in between photos.

Keep at least 3” between pieces to avoid your gallery looking crowded.

7. Try the kraft paper method.

If you, like us, really like to visualize things before the nail goes into the wall, you can try our Editor Claire’s foolproof kraft paper method. Cut out pieces of paper the size of each frame. Claire keeps rolls of kraft paper on hand for such projects. Use painter’s tape – which easily comes off your walls when finished – to tape up the paper in the arrangement you like. This way you can see the layout on the wall and rearrange it as many times as you like before reaching for the hammer.

8. Take care with your heaviest frames.

For most picture frames, a nail and the usual framing hardware should hold. But, if you’re worried about a particularly heavy frame or picture, use a stud finder to choose a spot that will give your frame extra stability. Or, opt for sturdy wall anchors and screws which you can find at any hardware store.

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How to Hang a Beautiful Wedding Photo Gallery Wall – Printique – Bridal Musings 1

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