Used wedding dress for sale from Nearly Newlywed
Berta gown available on Nearly Newlywed

Are you on the hunt for a fabulous custom-designed wedding dress but on a tight budget? Or perhaps, you’re an environmentally-conscience bride searching for an eco-friendly option for your wedding day wardrobe?

What if we make your search easier and get you the perfect dress while saving you money and time? The used wedding dress market is waiting for you and won’t offer anything short of your expectations.

Whether you are looking for a trending, modern silhouette or a dress with a vintage touch, there are hundreds of thousands of preowned wedding gowns for you available online. You need to know what you want and find the right place to buy it.

Finding a wedding gown is a personal journey that takes a long time. The same goes for sourcing a used wedding dress. Before looking, understand that it will take time and require absolute patience.

To help you shop, keep a spreadsheet that allows you to include details of the choices you like – for example, designer, size, price, shipping fee, etc. These details will help you narrow down the best options. And, make sure you add that wedding gown to your total wedding budget with our free downloadable wedding budget spreadsheet.

Where to Buy Used Wedding Dresses Online:

When buying a used wedding dress, it’s advisable to use platforms that are legit and will protect you from scams. The markets we share below ensure that you and the seller abide by the policies, thus protecting you. Reputable websites offer you payment options that have buyer protection for your security.

Here are some of our favorite online shops for used wedding dresses:

Used wedding dress for sale from Nearly Newlywed
Rime Arodaky gown available on Nearly Newlywed
Used wedding dress for sale from Nearly Newlywed
Reem Acra gown available on Nearly Newlywed


Most brides swear by Etsy as it has a little bit of everything. We’ve already covered our favorite bridal designers on Etsy who make custom, made-to-measure and ready-to-wear wedding gowns. Even better, you can find preowned gowns and vintage wedding dresses at very reasonable prices. Before moving to other shops below, it should be the first place every bride looks. Why? Thanks to the variety of sellers on Etsy across the globe, Etsy’s catalog of vintage gowns stands out with unique details from a variety of eras and fashion influences.

Compared to other online markets, prices are buyer-friendly. Prices start as low as $150 ranging to higher prices (albeit still reasonable compared to new wedding gowns) for vintage couture wedding dresses.

Shop Etsy

Gown by Mywony Bridal available on Etsy
Dress by Grace Loves Lace sold on <a href=

Still White

Still White is the world’s largest marketplace for used wedding dresses. You can find your dream wedding dress at a fraction of the retail prices.

Not only can brides sell their gently-used and even never worn wedding gowns, but salons, too list floor samples that have only been tried on by brides shopping in-store. This means you can find incredible discounts for “used wedding dresses” never actually worn at a wedding. The site allows you to search for your dream gown by silhouette, length, sleeves, fabric, designer and more. Plus, you can set up alerts to your email in case your dream designer gown lands on the site.

And perhaps the best part is, if you buy from Still White, you can resell it again on the same platform after the wedding.

Shop Still White


eBay is a unique marketplace connecting millions of buyers to sellers with a click. Only on eBay will you find a vast inventory and unique selection of used wedding dresses. No matter if you’re shopping for vintage wedding gowns or gently-used modern wedding dresses, prices are quite reasonable. Many sellers allow brides to bid on gowns at auction (meaning you might get an incredible deal!), make an offer you are most comfortable with or opt to ‘Buy it Now’ for a special list price.

Plus, the purchase process is simple and direct. eBay has a money-back policy on all items ensuring every customer gets what is worth their money. They have a free shipping policy for millions of items. Every budget is accommodated in this marketplace for as low as $100.

Shop eBay

Galina Signature Gown available on eBay
Rime Arodaky gown available on Nearly Newlywed

Nearly Newlywed

Nearly Newlywed is the fastest-growing new and preowned wedding dress marketplace. It serves the modern bride with a variety of designer pieces.

This online shop ensures that all the measurements of dresses are accurate. Though you may experience some variance in size, you can always refer to their size and fit guide for more help.

To make it even easier, they offer a risk-free return policy unless it is marked as a final sale. However, if you ship your dress outside the U.S., you are not allowed to return it. Always changing based on brides entering the resale marketplace, prices range between $200 to $5,000 for preowned wedding gowns.

Shop Nearly Newlywed


Meet the Etsy (or eBay) just for weddings! Wedzee is your safe and secure marketplace to buy new and gently used wedding gowns and other accessories and decor, too! The platform allows former brides to resell their used wedding dresses for a great price and help new brides find great deals at affordable rates.

While all sales are final (you can’t just return a gown if you don’t like it, or it doesn’t fit as you wished) Wedzee protects its customers from fraud, damages or misinterpretation with a money-back guarantee. They offer easy and fast shipping through their platform.

Current used wedding gowns on Wedzee range from as little as $25 to as much as $4,000. As the platform grows, we imagine the number of gowns available in everyone’s budget to increase!

Shop Wedzee

Preowned Wilderly Bride Sage Dress on Wedzee
BERTA wedding dress available on has been serving brides for the past 17 years. It is a platform that makes buying and selling used wedding dresses safe and simple. They have an easy-to-navigate search feature helping filter the many options to get that perfect choice from dress silhouettes to special details to favorite designers. The skies the limit on couture designers here, log onto the site and be shook by the number of gowns you’ll find by designers like BERTA.

Preowned’s marketplace believes that “If you loved it, chances are someone else will too!” They provide clear information on sizes and any alterations done on the particular piece, so you know it all before committing.


Rent The Runway

Here’s an out-of-the-box idea: did you know that Rent The Runway has wardrobe options for brides, too? Rent The Runway not only allows you to buy a pre-worn wedding dress of your choice. Additionally, they also allow you to rent a wedding day for your big day.

They have many designers to choose from including trending bridal favorites like Fame and Partners, Monique Lhuillier, PatBo and Catherine Deane. You get a 20% discount on your first rental and a trial offer on any membership you choose. Their prices start as low as $30 and can go much higher depending on the designer.

Shop Rent The Runway

Scout gown available at LVD Bridal

LVD Bridal

Born as an outlet for cult-favorite bridal salon The Dress Theory’s discontinued sample gowns, LVD Bridal sells consigned used wedding dresses from real brides, too! LVD Bridal’s online collection of used wedding dresses are, simply put – the best names in bridal fashion. We’ve seen discounted used gowns by couture designers Costarellos, Galia Lahav, Rue De Seine, Pronovias and more. This is a used wedding dress site for brides with expensive taste.

LVD Bridal offers styling help to shoppers looking for their dream gown. Just email their staff of stylists and they’ll help you cultivate your bridal wardrobe vision and craft a list of best gowns for your taste. Prices typically range from about $400 to $6,000.

Shop LVD Bridal

Once Wed

Previously a platform for gorgeous wedding inspiration, Once Wed now offers its readers a platform to sell and buy used and gently-worn wedding dresses, too. Much like the marketplaces above, the prices are extremely friendly for buyers. Lovers of designers like Maggie Sottero, Allure Bridals, Justin Alexander will be pleased with the number of romantic, modern-style wedding gowns available on the site. The collection of gowns seems to be filled with lace, beading and embellishment.

The straightforward buying process enables every bride to talk with the seller in a safe environment. For that, they advise keeping all the communication within the Once Wed platform for protection. They can monitor conversations for any suspicious activity. You can pay via escrow or PayPal, which protects both the buyer and seller.

Shop Once Wed

Lilian West gown available on Once Wed
Hayley Paige gown available on Tradesy


While you may know Tradesy as a marketplace to buy and sell your everyday wardrobe to other stylish folks, the platform has an admirable amount of special occasion wear and wedding dresses, too!

To get you shopping, Tradesy is ready to give you $30 off your first purchase of $150+ you spend. How cool is that? They have a variety of gently used wedding dresses on offer, from custom-made to designer pieces.

They also make resale fast and possible after the big day, so you don’t get stuck with a wedding dress you don’t need anymore. They offer hassle-free shipping and returns, so you don’t have to undergo unnecessary charges.

Shop Tradesy

Borrowing Magnolia

Borrowing Magnolia presents a vast collection of new and gently used wedding dresses from sizes 00 to 20. This platform is easy and makes shopping for preowned dresses much easier.

It is easy to source, buy and ship while saving you a lot of money. You will get something unique if you are on a budget and can’t splurge on that wedding dress. You will not only get your wedding dress, but you can shop for other accessories that you might need, too.

Shop Borrowing Magnolia

Justin Alexander gown available on Borrowing Magnolia

Helpful Info

What to Consider When Buying a Used Wedding Dress

  • Double check the size of the dress and your measurements. While you might not be able to try the dress on before buying it, making sure you've measured your every area of your body and measured them again can help you get the best-case scenario when placing an order. What's more, don’t just trust the labeled size on the dress, ask for specific measurements of the previous-owner – the dress may very well have been altered.
  • History of the dress: When was it worn? Has it only had one previous owner?
  • Check sellers reputation: If you’re going to buy anything online, it’s always important to ensure that you’re purchasing from a credible seller – this is even more important when buying second hand.
  • Condition: Make sure the dress is stain-free before you buy it. Get a thorough description, a report if possible, and ask if the gown has been professionally dry-cleaned, how it has been stored. More questions to ask are below.
  • Look for real life photos: Don't let stock photography trick you into feeling comfortable. Ask for a picture of a real person wearing the dress.
  • Double check the price: Search online for the brand and a similar dress to make sure you're getting a good deal
  • Quality: Even if you’re buying a high-end designer gown from a reputable source, it’s still a good idea to ask to check the dress for a receipt or some other proof of purchase to make sure you’re getting what you paid for.
  • Check return policy: There's of course a chance you might not like the dress in person and different retailers have different policies regarding whether a dress can be returned. Make sure to confirm what the store's return policy is before you buy.

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Second Hand Wedding Dress

  • What's the brand?
  • What is the dress size?
  • Has the dress been altered?
  • What are the measurements of the person who previously owned it
  • When was it worn?
  • How many previous owners has the dress had?
  • How has the dress been stored?
  • Can I return the dress?
  • What are shipping costs?
  • Has the dress been professionally dry-cleaned?

Used Wedding Dress FAQs

There are several benefits of buying a used wedding dress:

  • The most obvious benefit is that you can save a lot of money. Used wedding dresses are often significantly cheaper than new dresses.
  • Another benefit is that you can find a unique dress that you wouldn't be able to find in stores. There are many beautiful used wedding dresses out there, and you're sure to find one that perfectly suits your style.
  • Finally, buying a used dress helps reduce the environmental impact of weddings. Each year, millions of new wedding dresses are produced, and many of them end up in landfills. Buying a used dress reduces the amount of waste produced by weddings.

There are a few cons to buying a used wedding dress:

  • First, there's no guarantee that the dress will fit perfectly, especially if it has been worn before.
  • Second, you may not be able to find the exact style or color you're looking for in a used dress.
  • Third, let's face it, it's more work hunting down the right dress.
  • Fourth, there's going to be shipping costs that you wouldn't have to pay for if you were buying in-store.
  • And finally, there's always the risk that the dress may have been damaged or stained in some way. Though most of the places we've listed above have done the work for you to ensure this isn't something you have to worry about.

Measure, measure and measure again! :) And ensure you get the right body measurements from the previous owner.

Here's a helpful run through every part you should have measured. Getting it done at the start of the process will streamline things.

If video is more your cup-of-tea, here you are.