So, today I've got some chic, timeless, lace wedding dresses by Louise Selby to share with you…

Louise Selby is a talented British designer based in London. She is renowned  for using lots of delicate lace in her designs, which she sources from France and Italy.

I fell in love with her elegant dresses when I was searching for my own wedding dress last year. I happened across these stunning images when I was perusing the web a few days ago and I fell in love all over again!

(I think it will be a life-long love affair…sorry Zee!)

Have a look at these dreamy lace beauties from her previous collections:

Here a few delights from her most recent collection,

which she showcased at The Designer Wedding Show in Battersea, London, last October:

‘Iris'                                                          ‘Mulberry'                                                  ‘Tulip'

But brides to be, it's not only perfectly styled and coiffed models who look good in Louise Selby's dresses!

Just look at these real brides looking just as lovely in lace:

Vist Louise Selby's website to see more of her gorgeous collection:

Best wedding wishes and happy dress shopping to all you brides out there!

Elizabeth x

Are you a lace lover or are you in the ‘it looks like net curtains' brigade?

Maybe you're more of a silk girl…or tulle…? Or maybe, like me, you just love them all!