Gossip girl is one of my guilty pleasures ~ oh to live the life of a beautiful, leggy, upper Eastside teenager!

The love lives of Serena, Blair, Dan, Chuck et al are tumultuous, slightly incestuous (would you date your best friend's boyfriend or your step brother?) and endlessly entertaining!

In Gossip Girl's 100th episode, airing soon, Blair is all set to marry Prince Louis of Monaco in a fairy tale wedding fit for a princess. But wait…what about Chuck Bass, the love of her life?

I've no doubt the writers will keep us guessing right up until the very end.

These photos released today sure do…

I wonder what Chuck has to say to the bride on the morning of her wedding?

And just why is Blair sitting on her own in the getaway car?

Aside from the twisted love lives of the Gossip girls, I love to watch Gossip Girl for the fashion. Serena's eclectic style and boho hair are endlessly inspiring but it's Blair's ladylike, classic, Chanel chic outfits, coiffed hair and perfectly polished look that I truly adore.

(Not that I can ever actually pull that look off myself but one must dare to dream!)

So, needless to say, I was more than a little excited to see photos of Blair's chic, New York wedding…

Like a true NYC bride she wore a Vera Wang wedding dress* and it is, of course, exquisite. The big, sheer, bow detail is very ‘Blair' and the delicate lace detailing on the A-line skirt adds a vintage touch. She opted for a blinging tiara and chapel length, tiered veil.

The bridesmaids look tres chic in knee length, one shoulder blush pink dresses teamed with black sashes, sheer black tights and black heels. While maid of honour, Serena, steals the show in a slinky, full length gown with a corseted bodice and ruffly skirt. (I'm guessing these are also by Vera Wang.)

Roses and fluffy peonies are a classic but beautiful choice with the bouquets finished off with silk ribbon wrapped around the stalks and tied into pretty bows. The groom, in his cream, white and gold miltary regalia bears a strong resemblance to Prince Charming.

BUT what the deuce is going on with Blair's hair?!

Dry, straggly hair extensions for Blair Waldorf…? I think not. Neither does she.

I'm bitterly disappointed considering the magnificent ‘Blair-dos' that have gone before. Her bridal hairstyle is a definite hair-don't! I know hair experts always say not to cut your hair too close to your wedding day but it looks like she hasn't had a trim in YEARS!

However, her beautiful, untraditional walk down the aisle with her biological and step fathers makes up for her hair faux pas. (Almost.) Such a lovely sentiment!

What are your thoughts on the Gossip Girl wedding? Are you a fan of Blair's w-day look?

ps. Whatever happens, you should know I'm team ‘Chair' all the way!

* If you were reading this time last week you know just how I feel about Vera Wang.

Photos by CW via Buzz Sugar