You’re beginning your foray into the world of cluster engagement rings, and understandably so; there are a host of reasons why its become of an extremely popular ring setting in recent years.

Whilst they aren't for everyone, cluster engagement rings are a great choice if you’re looking for something one-of-a-kind, untraditional, slightly less expensive, or that holds sentimental value.

Before we dive in with some of the ring inspiration you’re here for, let’s answer a few key questions to make sure you're up to speed on all things cluster rings!

Cluster Engagement Ring FAQs

What are cluster rings?

A cluster ring is a name given to a broad range of ring styles with one thing in common, gemstones ‘clustered’ together.

According to Abby Sparks of Abby Sparks Jewelry “A cluster setting is when we take a group of stones typically a center stone and then clustering side stones on the left & right. I've seen north and south clusters as well. It’s typically not a symmetrical look, it's a little bit more random, a little bit more whimsical.”

Why get a cluster engagement ring?

1. Typically less expensive.
Cluster rings are a smart way to get a larger ring for your budget without reducing visual impact. Several smaller stones will cost less than one larger stone.
2. Often have sentimental value, e.g. each gem could represent a member of the family
3. Non-traditional
4. No limit to the design combinations available
The biggest advantage of a cluster is that it can give the appearance of a larger gemstone but at less expense. Smaller diamonds arranged together can pack as much sparkle as a larger diamond and will cost much less than a larger diamond of the same surface area

Why you shouldn't get a cluster rings

Can be more difficult to clean
Can feel over-the-top, but that will depend on your taste
More possibility of losing one of the stones

How to customize & style a cluster ring?

Number of gems, go with 3 or work your way up
Play with color
Different colors
Chose a simple band
Matching band or a band that slots into place like a puzzle piece

How do I choose a cluster ring?

As with choosing any ring, you’ll want to pick a style, color, and shape that matches your style and story.
For example, you could pick a ring with a birthstone, a gemstone representing a person's birth month, for something that feels made for you.

How do I care for a cluster engagement ring?

To keep a cluster diamond ring looking new, you can have it professionally cleaned using an ultra-sonic cleaner & steamer available at most jewelry stores – though you should only do this once every few years.

Or to do it at home, per instructions from jewelers Lauren B Jewelry:

“Get a large tub, fill it with warm water and add some mild soap. Let the ring soak for a few minutes. Take the ring out of the tub and gently scrub with a toothbrush-like brush from all angles. Make sure you brush on the underside of the ring as that’s where the grime gets trapped. Air dry and wipe clean with a lint-free cloth and you’re done.”

Different Types of Cluster Engagement Rings

Diamond Cluster Engagement Rings

Round Diamond Cluster Ring

This vintage Art Deco style Lab Grown Diamond engagement ring sits beautifully on the slim band.

Diamond Asymmetric Cluster Ring

We adore this cluster diamond ring that includes over a quarter carat of natural diamonds. The asymmetry gives it a very distinct yet delicate look.

Baguette Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

We can’t resist this fetching baguette diamond cluster engagement ring. The symmetry on both sides accentuates the larger diamond beautifully.

Colorful Diamond Cluster Ring

This unique diamond cluster ring is perfect for the bride who loves a bit of color on her hand. It’s perfectly proportioned and as bold as it is colorful.

Dainty Diamond Cluster Ring

As an alternative, for a more dainty symmetrical look, this stunning 1-carat round-cut diamond ring is worth considering.

Art Deco Style Engagement Ring

We love the boldness of this art deco-style engagement ring. The gold band's unique gradient design makes it unmissable on any bride’s hand.

Carat Diamond Bezel Cluster Ring

How can you not appreciate the minimalist symmetry of this colorless diamond cluster ring?

Diamond Cluster Ring with Gold Band

We are utterly enamored with this elegant art deco diamond ring! The floral symmetrical design is just gorgeous.

Tiny Hexagon Diamond Ring Salt and Pepper Cluster Ring

This eye-catching minimalist diamond cluster ring is made in 14K Rose gold and features 9 salt and pepper diamonds.

Sapphire Cluster Engagement Rings

Pear Blue Sapphire Cluster Engagement Ring

We absolutely adore this pear-blue sapphire engagement ring. The different shades of blue remind us of escapes on water.

Blue Pear Sapphire Cluster Engagement Ring

This blue pear sapphire engagement ring is truly unique. A shape like no other, we love the shades of blue and green across the different stones.

One of a Kind Teal Blue Sapphire Cluster Ring

We are in love with this dainty teal blue sapphire ring in hues we could admire for hours.

Blue Pear Sapphire Cluster Engagement Ring

We love the unique design of this September birthstone & dreamy coloured diamond cluster ring.

Pear Oregon Sunstone Cluster Ring With Side Peach Sapphires

This is perfect for any bohemian bride. The colors and shape of this pear sunstone cluster ring with peach sapphires make a perfect match.

Baguette Diamond Cluster Ring

We're in love with this art nouveau-style diamond ring. The tilted diamond gives it such a unique look!

Oval Cluster Engagement Rings

Oval Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

Oval Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

Oval Diamond Aquamarine Engagement Cluster Ring

The asymmetry on this 14k yellow-gold aquamarine ring makes it truly unique.

Vintage Cluster Engagement Rings

Morganite Baguette Cluster Engagement Ring

We can’t get enough of this morganite cluster engagement ring with a baguette-cut peach morganite paired with a pavé diamond wedding band. The pink, blue and white accent diamond, sapphire and amethyst clusters, and a curved nesting ring all sit so perfectly with each other.

Alexandrite Engagement Cluster Ring

A truly eye-catching art deco-style ring. We love the smooth lines, geometric shapes, and of course, the gold!

Alexandrite Engagement Ring

We are obsessed with the blue hues of this Alexandrite cluster engagement ring.

Moss Agate Cluster Ring

The words “one of a kind” get thrown around a lot, but this one is truly incomparable. The blend and design of the Moss Agate and diamonds intertwined is something to behold.

Alexandrite Engagement Cluster Ring

Beautiful boho style Chatham Alexandrite engagement ring with a gorgeous asymmetrical cluster of alexandrite, sapphire, and diamonds.

Vintage Diamond Cluster Ring

This art deco style diamond ring with rose gold band is playful and unique.

Vintage Art Deco Engagement Cluster Ring

We are obsessed with the feminine Goddess lines and shimmering array of baguette diamonds on this cluster engagement ring.

Unique Art Deco Marquise Diamond Cluster Ring

We love the simplicity & elegance of this beautiful art deco crown style diamond cluster ring.

Morganite Diamond Ring Engagement Cluster Ring With Square

We’ve been dreaming of this ring from the moment we saw it. The perfect peach-pink morganite and white diamonds make a gorgeous combination.

Round Cut Moss Agate Diamond Cluster Ring

We love the mesmerizing colors on this natural moss agate ring, surrounded by gorgeous moissanite diamond and sat perfectly on a rose gold band.

Cluster Marquise Diamonds Alternative Cluster Ring

What a beautifully designed vintage cluster ring! Featuring marquise diamonds large and small of varying shapes.

Edwardian Cluster Engagement Rings

Edwardian Mine Cut Diamond Navette Ring

Edwardian Diamond Daisy Flower Cluster Ring, Old Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Antique Edwardian Opal Diamond Cluster Ring 2ct Opal

Antique Cluster Engagement Rings

Diamond Antique Cluster Ring

Superb Rare French 18th Century Georgian Cluster Ring

Emerald Cluster Engagement Rings

Vintage 18k Gold Emerald Diamond Cluster Ring

Emerald and peridot cluster ring

Gold Cluster Engagement Rings

Champagne Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

For the bride who wants something entirely different, this 14-karat rose gold engagement ring is as beautiful as it is unique.

Diamond Engagement Cluster Ring

How can you not love this blend of white diamond, with gold band and asymetrical design! Perfect for the minimalist bride.

Cluster Flower Diamond Gold Engagement Ring

This handmade beauty is truly something to marvel at. The flower setting of the diamonds from large in the center to smaller around the outside makes it look & feel like one larger stone.

Pearl Cluster Engagement Rings

If Diamonds are a girl's best friend then we're pretty sure pearls come a close second. So why not pair diamonds AND pearls for the bride who loves all things vintage! Or a simple cluster of pearls makes for a one of kind engagement ring.

Pearl Engagement Ring

Akoya Pearl Engagement Cluster Ring

Vintage Cultured Pearl Cluster Ring