The Obsession Begins…

From plaiting My Little Pony Tails to brushing Barbie‘s blonde locks with the tiniest of pink brushes. From a dodgy fringe that began halfway up my forehead in my early teens (thanks for that Mum), to my dyed platinum blonde locks throughout high school and sixth form. From going back to my brunette roots in my early twenties, to my recent foray into Ombre highlights and, most disastrously of all, another fringe.

And don't get my started on make up…seriously, we'd be here all day!

Let's just say I've been besotted ever since my Aunt let my cousin and I buy our very first lipsticks at the tender age of 12. (Not to be worn outside the house I may add ~ we had to wait until the embarrassing age of 15 before that was allowed!) They were revolting, frosted pale pink shades that made us look as if we were severely dehydrated. Not a good look.

Hair & Beauty Disasters

There have been many more hair and beauty disasters including glittery purple eye shadow, tinted moisturizer best suited to olive skin (it's worth mentioning that I am super pale) and horror of horrors…over-plucked eyebrows (not just plucked underneath but from the centre too!) that resulted in the double whammy of essentially having half of each eyebrow and looking in a permanent state of shock!

So it's fair to say, hair and beauty has been a fascination of mine my whole life and in the run up to my wedding, it became an obsession.

Bridal Musings ~ Bridal Beauty

That's why I absolutely adore writing hair and beauty posts for all you lovely brides wondering just how to wear your hair and make up on your big day. Whether it's a classic up do or a boho fishtailchic red lips or smoldering, smokey eye make up, there is a whole plethora of inspiration out there and I've made it my mission to share it with you.

Sunday's posts will be hair, health or beauty related ~ usually a little snippet of inspiration, or links to find out more. I'll save my longer, detailed beauty posts for during the week so that even more brides can feed their obsessions too. And please do let me know if you have any beauty post requests, I'd love to help!

This week, it's all about…

The Bridal Brow

thick brows for brides

Photographer Sandra Åberg via Brancoprata

These images are just perfect. The light, a stunning Jannie Baltzer headpiece, boho chic, blonde, wavy hair, barely there make up and thick, dark brows.

See above to discover why I believe the thicker and darker the better. Strong brows may be the height of fashion now, but I'd worry that in years to come brides may just wonder why they didn't pluck them a little more, or go easy on the brow pencil. (Here's a previous post on make up kits for The Perfect Bridal Brow.)

What are your thoughts on The Bridal Brow? Do you pluck, thread, wax or tint your eyebrows?

Don't forget to send me your beauty questions or post requests. If I can't help, I'll find an expert who can.