Good morning all,

How was your weekend? I hope it was packed full of good times!

I've got a couple of absolute treats in store for you today…

Ever wondered what an event designer's wedding would look like? Later today I'll be sharing a gorgeous, yellow and grey wedding, filled to the brim with amazing details that will, quite possibly, blow your mind.

But first, I have just discovered an incredible film-maker, based in California called Ryan Southwell. His films are creative, unique and fun ~ just the way I like 'em!

Grab a cup of tea/coffee/OJ and let's get Monday off to a fantastic start with a truly beautiful film…

This is an engagement film/wedding film hybrid filmed mostly out on the open road with the loved up couple astride a Harley Davidson motorbike. There are snippets of their elegant wedding too, in which Aubrey looks stunning in a high necked lace dress complete with pink parasol and Matt looks very dapper out of his leather jacket and in a suit. There is an old tree with hearts etched into it, amazing scenery, a great soundtrack and a fantastic, sparkler wedding getaway! Enjoy.

The Good Life from Ryan Southwell on Vimeo.

Absolutely awesome, don't you think?

I'm a bit worried about Zee seeing it, he drives a Vespa but has been threatening to buy a Harley for years!

Many thanks to Ryan Southwell for sharing this amazing film ~ expect to see more of his work over on Film Club soon.