Today I'm honoured to share a wedding full of vintage, Southern charm and some of the most beautiful storytelling I've ever seen in a wedding film.

It's beautiful because it's just so real.

For example, while the bride and her maids sat around the kitchen table in their less than glamourous robes and towel turbans, the celebratory champagne cork wouldn't pop…it just wouldn't budge.

Others may have seen that as an imperfection that needed to be edited out but not The Film Poets. They included all those funny, sweet, sentimental and perfectly imperfect moments that made up Christina and Jacob's charming wedding.

I love that.

Beautiful Southern wedding film by The Film Poets

As you watch this film, one minute you'll be laughing and the next you'll become aware that you might just shed a tear for a couple you've never even met.

I couldn't help but get choked up as Christina read her letter to her husband to be and explained how she wanted a great, unconditional love like the love her grandparents shared.

Forget perfectly edited movies, this is a real love story.

Christina + Jacob : Southern Wedding Bells from The Film Poets on Vimeo.

Absolutely beautiful in every way, don't you think?

Did you get a little choked up too?!

Many thanks to The Film Poets for sharing their incredible work with us. They are based out of Birmingham, Alabama, USA and travel all over the world.

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