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13 Processional Songs For Your Walk Down The Aisle

The ‘walking down the aisle' music, otherwise known as processional or bridal entrance music, can be one of the hardest tracks to choose.

Especially if you're not a traditional ‘da da da daaaah…Here Comes The Bride' (on the organ) kind of bride.

As with all wedding music, there are so many things to consider when choosing your processional music.

Do you want to make a grand entrance? Or perhaps you'd prefer a track that starts off slow, but builds up to a crescendo? Do you want instrumental music? Or a song with meaningful lyrics?

Decisions decisions…


Photo by Stefano Santucci via Bridal Musings

Lucky for us John from  Aria Melody DJ is here to help with some beautifully quirky, alternative processional music options for your wedding.

I've DJ'd quite a few weddings lately held in unique venues all over the NYC area and many brides have chosen unique songs to which they walked down the aisle so I thought I'd share of a few of them.

Each song sets a different tone and mood – so no matter if you're going for sweet & sentimental or dramatic or contemporary…there are many, many songs out there just waiting to be found.

Your DJ should be able to trim or edit the parts you like or cut the weird lyrics (there are always weird lyrics). Of course, there are hundreds of great modern-tracks-with-a-classic-twist from the very popular Vitamin String Quartet.  Or, if you're looking to go back to the classics, the Lumiere String Quartet has great selections.  


Photo by Laura K. Moore, LKM Studios via Bridal Musings

Click the play button to listen to each track and don't forget to turn the volume up nice and loud!

1. Reign of Love – Coldplay

2. I Love NYE – Badly Drawn Boy

3. Longing to Belong – Eddie Veder

4. Can't Help Falling In Love – Ingrid Michaelson

5. “She” – Elvis Costello

6. Hoppipolla – Sigur Ros

7. Moth's Wings  – Passion Pit

8. Rose of My Heart – Johnny Cash

9. Halo (Beyonce cover) – One Republic

10. Sparkplug Minuet  – Mark Mothersbaugh

11. Let Me Tell You About My Boat – Mark Mothersbaugh

12. Sky Cloud Winter Breeze – Orba Squara

13. Falling In Love At a Coffeeshop – Landon Pigg

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to these songs as I put this post together. You may not recognise the titles but after listening you'll recognise some of the instrumental songs from adverts and film scores. There are some truly beautiful songs on this list.

Have you got any other alternative processional song ideas? I'd love to hear them!

To find out more about New York based Aria Melody DJ ‘s services, check out their website and visit their blog for more awesome playlists.

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