Ring pillows. I've never been a fan. I find it quite a strange tradition actually and I hate the thought of ‘fake rings'.

And why a pillow? {Cue Google search}

Also known as a wedding ring cushion, the ring bearer pillow has long been a wedding custom in many cultures. It's function is primarily symbolic. Since the wedding rings are of vital importance, not only usually made of costly precious metals, but also symbolizing the love and commitment of the impending marriage…weddings.lovetoknow.com

So, there you have it. The ring pillow is purely symbolic & to keep the rings safe. If you'd rather not go with a classic ring pillow there are lots of fun and quirky alternatives for you less traditional brides:

Natural Chic:

A twiggy, mossy, beautiful bird's nest {love birds optional}

Source: Garden Side Studio-Etsy

Source: O Romeo-Etsy

Ring Bearer Bowls:

These are so simple and timeless. They'd make a beautiful keepsake for the mantel piece/coffee table after ‘I do'.

Source: Paloma's Nest-Etsy


Soft, delicate and oh so romantic…

Source: sugarandcharm.blogspot.com

Source: Style Me Pretty

For Book Worms & Literary Lovers:

I love this idea! Use a shared favourite book or a book with a romantic title such as ‘Aberystwyth Mon Amour' that's been hollowed out. {Even better if it's been fashioned into a heart shape!}

Check out this decoupage wooden block with script…it's so pretty!

Sources: Top: Conduit Press-Etsy Middle: But Not Your Block-Etsy Bottom: Jennifer Raichman-Etsy

The vintage, battered book below is my absolute favourite. It's pure rustic chic.

Source: Tonhya Kae Photography via Style Me Pretty

For Little Ones:

Sources: Becky Young Photography via Style Me Pretty

Child ring bearers could benefit from an object that is easy to carry, like wood or something comforting like a teddy! {CUTE!}

(Grooms)Mans Best Friend:

For those of you brave enough to invite your beloved dogs to partake in your wedding.

{Ok so strictly speaking they're wearing ring pillows…but it's certainly an alternative choice of ring bearer!}

Source: Best For Brides

Source: Emu 926-Etsy

Source: Jason & Anna Photography via Style Me Pretty

Part of me wishes we'd had our dog, Rufus, with us on the day, but he's a bit of a crazy little thing so maybe it's best he wasn't there jumping up on all our guests in their fancy outfits!

{I've got a confession to make, we didn't actually use any sort of ring carrying vessel. We just gave them to Zee's brother and he put them in his pocket! But had I known about the vintage, battered book idea things would have been different!}

Have I persuaded you guys to try something different or are you sticking with the traditional ring pillow?