I shy away from colours, always have. On a day to day basis I wear white, black, grey, navy…maybe a little bit of leopard print if I'm feeling especially daring!

For our wedding we (read I) choose soft, muted tones: blush pink, ivory and pearly white. The walls in our flat are ‘magnolia', our bedspreads are cream and we have antique gold, burnished silver & white distressed wood photoframes and ornaments on our white mantlepiece. Oh yeah and I just love vintage photos with that washed out effect.

So I thought it was about time I started to embrace more colour in my clothes and in my life!

In homage to my new Rainbow Brite attitude, here's a colourful explosion of inspiring stuff:

Sources: From top left, clockwise:

Rainbow hair AND cake!

Alexander McQueen ‘Rainbow Shipwreck' dress

Rainbow florals

Colourful dresses from The Asiana Bridal Show 2011 (via Peonies and Pearls)

‘Up' themed wedding decor on a grand scale (via Clairo on flickr)

Those ladies are embracing colour and looking downright rainbowtastic!

Are you a bright, colourful type of person? Got any advice to help me on my quest for a colourful life?