I've got a newlywed shoot to share with you this afternoon.

After all, why should engaged couples have all the fun?!

This is definitely up there with one of the most beautiful couples shoots I've featured. It's not filled with props, there's no picnic or sofa in the woods or a myriad of different locations and outfits, just a happily married couple enjoying the warm glow of the Texas sunshine. The light is beyond dreamy ~ just looking at these photos has warmed me right up!

Kelsey of Feather and Twine Photography shares a little more about the shoot:

Gracie and Ryan are happy newlyweds. As the photographer, I wanted a styled session that showed off who they were. I kept things simple, to really focus on their love. They're both incredible artists and, you can truly tell, their love will last. Gracie never had any bridals taken, so I took some that were very artistic and whimsical to fit her wonderful personality.

During the session, Ryan and Gracie were giggly and never stopped smiling. Gracie has a habit of having to say ‘cheese' when she smiled, she was saying it so softly only Ryan could here and he couldn't stop laughing and smiling when he looked at her. It was so sweet to see how much their eyes lit up around one another.

newlywed shoot in Texas soft dreamy glow of the afternoon

Stunning. Absolutely off the chart stunning.

I feel a road trip coming on San Francisco to Texas…who's with me?!