Happy Friday!

Tiffany and Mark's colourful, modern wedding is without a doubt one of the most unique weddings I've ever featured.

A grey and yellow colour scheme combined with a whole lot of big, bold signage and a laid back atmosphere made for one awesome ‘Celebration In The Desert'. It was a real labour of love as the couple, who are graphic designers by trade, designed the whole event themselves from the paper goods to the centerpieces (which they made by cutting down large pieces of wood into table size blocks, then bored holes to plant succulents into). So darn crafty.

If you missed Part 1 then you've missed out ~ go take a peek before I share the delights of Part 2 which include: A food truck, a ‘balloon photo room' and a jump in the pool!

The food truck…

The aforementioned balloon photo room. Genius idea.

A floating guestbook…

And, as promised, a JUMP IN THE POOL!


How much fun do you reckon they had on a scale of 1-10? What an fantastic celebration!

Congratulations Tiffany and Mark. Check out more of their creative and innovative graphic design work at pprwrk studio

Many thanks to Mike Arick for sharing these gorgeous photos, see more of his photography here.

Would you jump in the pool in your wedding dress?