So the uber crafty and creative girls behind the very new, very cute, quirky and stylish Red Velvet Shop have launched a brand new Spring/Summer dress line, available to buy online.

The designer, Elsie, said on her fabulous blog (check it out, it's too cool for school!) that she was inspired by the mod 1960s and boy do I love these dresses!

Check out this 60s esque video to enjoy all the retro dresses at their best (that is…being danced in!)

Red Velvet Lookbook // Spring 2011 from elsie flannigan on Vimeo.

This video fills me with so much joy and makes me want to say ‘shhhwing' a la Austin Powers! The cute little collars, the velvet mini dresses, they're all just so adorable!

The great thing is they're all handmade and they ship internationally too. Hurrah! So I managed to bag myself this cute little number (don't you just love it?!) Now…if only I had a great big floppy hat and a piano.

It was a close call between this dress and the perfectly named ‘Wedding Cake Dress' below but ultimately I felt the dress above was a bit more playful and less formal (therefore more me). But what a formal beauty it is…wedding rehearsal dress or evening wedding dress anyone?

I have to warn you, the new dresses have been selling like hot cakes in the US and internationally and there were only 30 or so each dress made…so please don't get your hopes up.

BUT on the brighter side there's lots of other pretty stuff to buy…some even wedding related ;)

Like this thought/speech bubble chalk board…it's too CUTE! Perfect as a photobooth prop or equally as lovely to have in your home and write sweet messages to the one you love.

Or how about the pretty 1960s vintage cream headpiece/crown on the right? It's soooo pretty.

Hope you like, I only just discovered this shop but it's so fab. I know I'll be back for more helpings!

What do you think? x