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I thought I'd share a few beauty related bits and bobs. I've got a juicy wedding question for you that I'll save till next week when I have a little more time to join in the conversation.

Clarisonic Update

So remember a few months ago I shared my fantastic experience with the Clarisonic skin brush? Well four months on, I think it's time for an update. I've used it nearly every day (I'm not a saint). When it was time to replace the brush head 3 months in I tried the ‘delicate' brush head. However I didn't feel it was giving me a deep enough clean so I switched back.

(Thank you Sephora and your amazing refund policy!)

When I first wrote the review I was SO impressed with the results, I expected that over time my skin texture and appearance would continue to improve but I found that the main, noticeable changes were in those first few weeks of using it. Probably because my pores were crying out to be thoroughly cleansed!

Four months on and I feel that the Clarisonic has helped to regulate my combination skin. I don't get dry patches on my forehead and my skin seems far less oily. My skin is much softer, smoother and a little clearer than before I started using it.

As happy as I am with the results, please do bear in mind that it's not a miracle cure for adult acne/less than perfect skin ~ I still get the odd spot and sadly my large pores haven't shrunk in size.

How much of these results are attributed to the Clarisonic itself or the fact that the products I apply ‘go deeper', I can't be sure. But one thing's for certain, I'm definitely a clarisonic convert and won't go back to using my fingers to wash my face!

Any other Clarisonic converts out there? Or anyone considering buying one?

Curls Without Heat

Don't you just love a bride with curls?

bride with curls

Kamee June Photography via Bridal Musings ~ see the full wedding here.

via Reverie Magazine

This curls without heat tutorial still gets a lot of love. It seems that lots of you (like me) are looking for easy ways to curl your hair that aren't damaging. And you can't get much simpler than wrapping sections of your hair around a hairband then sleeping in it.

(Which also makes a pretty boho bridal hairstyle too. Bonus.)

I thought I'd share my results with you. Bear in mind that I just woke up and therefore look sleepy, also after sleeping with the hairband on it tends to get messy!  I had to apply a bit of mascara as I felt a bit too naked without it but I haven't got foundation or concealer on. Hence the slight pink tint to my face.

(Four months ago I would never post a photo of me without some sort of cover up so YAY for the Clarisonic!)

The Results: Before and After

Quite a transformation considering my hair is poker straight.

I absolutely love the swept back ringlet style results at the front and felt so chuffed when a shop assistant said my hair was beautiful and couldn't believe that it was naturally straight!

The Back:

As you can see the back leaves a lot to be desired…more of a tangly mess than cascading curls!

However, I've started twisting the back into two buns at the nape of my neck which seems to have a better effect than tucking it into the hairband. (It's not as comfy to sleep on though.)

Have you tried this no heat curls method? I'd love to hear how/if it worked for you and any tips you have.

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