Hello lovely ones,

I do hope you're having fabulous weekends! Have they been filled with all things wedding?

Oh how I enjoyed those weekends spent with my mum/bridesmaids/Zee going on wedding related expeditions. Sigh.

Following on from last week's hairstyle / skincare post I thought I'd share a sparkly new beauty discovery with you…

Etoile Nail Polish

I was really excited to try the new Etoile nail polish designed especially with brides in mind.

Diamonds Are A Bride's Best Friend

It's ‘wedding polish made with genuine diamond dust'.

Who wouldn't want to be covered in diamonds, from their fingertips to their toes?

I was intrigued to try it out ~ I wondered how sparkly and glittery it would be. Too many chunky pieces of glitter and I'd find it off putting for a wedding, mainly because I'm a classic girl at heart and prefer timeless, chic bridal beauty over nail art and neon eyeshadow!

(That's not to say I don't love to see a bride rocking their own individual style on their wedding day, because I really do, it's just my own personal preference.)

Erin Farber, the founder of Etoile, created the unique, luxurious polish because she noticed that:

lots of brides appeared to rely on their regular, everyday nail polish – or whatever the salon happened to carry – which never seemed fitting for such a momentous day.

Erin kindly sent me a sample to try. Here's my results:

These photos were taken on my iphone without any fancy Instagram filters and yes, I've accepted that I'll never be a hand model.

I tried out ‘Asscher‘, a pretty ivory shade which went on smoothly with no gloopiness. I'd say the polish was shimmery as opposed to overly glittery. It has a lovely sheen that catches the light and I like the fact that it's semi – translucent (two coats later and you could still see the white parts of my nails).

But most of all I liked the novelty of knowing that my nails were covered in precious diamond dust!

Check out the full range on the Etoile website, the polishes are $13.50 each.

Etoile Wedding Polish

Have you considered what nail polish you'll be wearing on your big day? Fancy adding a little sparkle to your fingertips with Etoile?!

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