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Chelsey and Bryan had an intimate, quirky wedding in Ohio, USA and one thing's for sure they are not afraid of a little colour. Chelsey's maids wore purple bridesmaids dresses and carried the brightest yellow roses I've ever seen!

Chelsey is such an elegant bride in her gorgeous lace edged mantilla veil, which was lovingly handmade by her mum. How precious is that? Oh and speaking of precious, their tuxedo clad baby boy is ADORABLE.

As Chelsey and Bryan had an early evening wedding, I've decided to feature a few of their wedding photos alongside their bridal portraits which were taken in the daylight.

All Of Her Design Wedding Stationery

 Here's Chelsey with the details: 

Our theme was very urban, very romantic. We knew we didn’t want a stuffy reception in a hall with assigned seating and bows on chairs, it just wasn’t us. We had our reception dimly lit with candles everywhere to keep the vibe romantic and sexy. 

We Did It Our Way

Everything for our wedding was really us. My veil was hand made by my mother and my invitations were designed by me (I have a design company is called All Of Her Design).

It was also unusual to do purple and yellow as wedding colors in December. My florist told me he was so happy not to do another red rose December wedding and I was a ‘breath of fresh air’.

Our reception was at an unusual location, we were actually their first wedding reception!  All of our music was hand selected by us. We just did everything against the grain and did it our way.

A Handmade Veil

I wanted to be a classic, demure bride so I knew I wanted to wear a pearl necklace of my moms. It went perfectly with the detailing on my dress and veil. I wore diamond earrings my husband bought me as an early christmas present.

I always wanted to have a scaloped lace veil and could not find one that I liked or matched the dress. My mom has sewn my entire life, so I asked her to make my veil. She agreed, even though she had never made one before!  It came out more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

At the reception most brides take off their veils, but I loved it so much I kept it on the entire night! I hope one day to have a daughter that will want to wear it because it is so special.

Our son, 3 months old, wore a hand sewn tuxedo made by my mother. It matched my husband's down to the flowers on the jacket!! It was a beautiful, sweet, touch.

Get ready for the cutest bride, groom and baby photo EVER…


Chelsey's Favourite Moment

My favorite moment was when my husband was reading his vows to me. They were so incredible and meant so much to me. A close second is when he pulled me in close and wispered how beautiful I looked while we were on the limo with the bridal party after the wedding. It was such an intimate moment amongst all of the chaos going on and I’ll never forget it.

Advice For Other Brides

My advice for other brides is do whatever you want. I was doing a lot of things to help appease other people and while things ended up okay, it would have caused me less stress to just say ‘No, this is how it’s going to be.’ Also, make a list of all of the photos you have to have. I wish I did this. Also, hire a videographer or ask a friend or family member to record it for you! I wish I got to see our beautiful ceremony again. 

Many thanks to Chelsey and Bryan for sharing their beautiful day with us.

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