Well here's something you don't see everyday.

A glamourous, loved up bride and groom frolicking around in the sparse expanse of the Nevada dessert.

There's something a little bit Bond about it don't you think?

I can just imagine the trailer…*puts on deep movie railer voice*

‘Coming to a cinema screen near you July 2012…Diamonds In The Dessert'…no? Okay maybe it's just me!

Here's photographer Megan Small with all the details from this unique shoot:

While attending the annual Wedding and Portrait Photographer’s International Conference, better known as “WPPI” in Vegas this year, I decided to make the trip even more worth it and signed up for Gavin & Erin Wade's styled desert shoot.

Myself and 15 others hopped in a van and headed down the rural freeway to an open clearing of desert for miles and miles. It was so fun to leave the strip for a bit, and to be able to shoot an amazingly cute couple. Kate and Chris were married this past June and still have the newlywed glow, where just a glance makes the other smile, a photographers dream!

Such a stunning shoot.

I really love the thought of heading out to the desert with your love in all your wedding finery and getting some epic shots like these.

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