Go nude or go home. That's my motto.

Not really. But it'd be a great sign for a nudist beach!

I love nude nails. And nude nails on a bride are tres chic.

But they don't exactly scream ‘it's my wedding day!' more like ‘it's just another day at the office, I hope there's not a queue at the paper copier'.

As discussed in this post, your wedding day is a great opportunity to add a bit of sparkle and luxury to your fingertips.

With the nail art movement in full swing (don't you feel like 2012 is the year of jazzy nails?) there are a myriad of sparkly polishes to help you on your way to gorgeous nails.

Time for a little nail maths (or math as all you American lovelies would say)

nude and gold glitter nails diy

Essie Wedding Collection ‘Like To Be Bad' + Deborah Lipmann ‘Boom Boom Pow' | top photo via CatBird NYC | bottom photo: For Smart Chicks

photo by Yuna Leonard from this gorgeous shoot featured right here on Bridal Musings

Essie Wedding Collection ‘Like To Be Bad' + Sephora Jewelry Top Coats in ‘Meet Me At The Disco' and ‘Flurry Up' | top photo via Ugly Duckling | bottom photo via The Sense and Sensibility 

Maths has never been so pretty!

Deborah Lippmann has 24 carat gold flecks in her aptly named ‘Boom Boom Pow' polish above and you know I love Etoile's diamond dust polish but if you're looking for a cheaper option, Sephora has a fantastic collection of clear glitter polishes in an array of colours and textures (fine /chunky/ rectangular flecks) for a very affordable $9:50.

Top Tips

~ When using sparkly polish be sure to apply a top coat too (it may not say it's necessary on the bottle but it'll give you piece of mind). Though leaving a trail of glitter wherever you go is not such a bad thing…

~ Conversely, it's worth noting that some of the chunkier glitter polishes can be tricky to get off and may need a bit of a buff with the soft side of a nail buffer/file.

So what do you think of these subtle DIY nail art ideas?

Will you be adding a little sparkle to your nails on your wedding day?

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