You may remember that last week on Bridal Musings I shared my current wedding related obsession, Moment Junkie. Check out the post here. Well this week I have quite a treat for you!

Kyle Hepp, one of the curators of the blog and bonafide moment junkie herself, is here to share some of her favourite moments that she has captured on camera. {And there are lots of them!} Be prepared for these images to take your breath away!

Let's find out a little more about the woman behind the lens whose intro on her ‘About me' section of her website fills my heart with joy:

My name is Kyle. I’m 27. I love my mutt and my husband. I love to travel. I love fashion. I love to bust a move and sing even though I can’t dance and am completely tone deaf — which brings me to what is probably one of the defining characteristics of my personality — I don’t care what anybody thinks. I just love being me.

Isn't that just the best intro ever?!

Name: Kyle Hepp

Location/Coverage: Mainly Chile/U.S. but we have also photographed in Spain and Argentina and have weddings coming up in England and France.

Describe yourself in 3 words:
Bold. Open. Happy.

Describe your photography style in 3 words:
Full of life.

When did your love affair with photography begin?
About 4 years ago when my then-boyfriend now-husband taught me how to use his SLR.

What inspires you?
Getting to know people inspires me to try to take pictures that show who they really are.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Getting to know people. Sorry for being so repetitive!

What is your favourite wedding moment to capture on camera?
That’s an impossible question! I think that it’d have to be the getting ready part. There’s such an excitement and anticipation that it’s almost tangible. I also really love shooting the whole ceremony. It’s always interesting to see what funny moments pop up when you least expect them.

What advice would you give to couples to help them to get the best from their wedding photography?
Choose a photographer whose photos speak to you. If you don’t really feel something after looking through a portfolio than that’s not the photographer for you.

What is your current wedding-related obsession?
I always love when brides have a dress that’s a little out of the norm.

Out of all the weddings you have photographed, which photo makes you go ‘Wow!’ every-time you see it?

Below is my current ‘wow' photo. I felt like it was a really emotional moment of the wedding with the bridesmaid singing to the bride for their first dance, and I was really proud that I captured it in a way that I feel tells the story. The really cool checkered floor that adds to the graphics element of the picture is just a bonus! :)

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing photography, Kyle, and for giving us a glimpse into how you got into photography, what inspires you and just how you became a moment junkie! Also thanks for sharing such great advice on choosing your wedding photographer. I truly believe it is as simple as that.

Visit Kyle's website and/or blog to see more of her beautiful, breath taking photography.

So, which photo makes you go ‘wow'?!