Hello lovelies,

I have a super easy DIY project to share with you this morning, thanks to Karie Denny Photography.

I love that these pinwheels can be adapted and used in so many different ways throughout your wedding. Karie made pretty place settings, table decor and even adorable cake toppers from mini pinwheels!

When I am not photographing fabulous couples, running a photography business and being a stay at home mom and wife, I LOVE DIY projects. My husband thinks its a sickness, but it is a huge stress reliever for me. I can sit down at our kitchen table and work on a project until I pass out. You crafters know what I am talking about!

This particular DIY project was for a Love Note inspiration shoot, but you could literally use any type of paper you wanted. The possibilities are endless!

Materials you will need:

Book pages-I thrifted a book and tore it apart. Or any double sided paper will do.


Glue gun and glue

~ Begin folding pages like an accordion.

~ Once you have your paper folded. Fold in half.

~ Cut the end of the paper anyway you'd like. (The non-folded end) I rounded mine. Then, glue at the fold. One side to the other. See below.

~ You will have one piece of the pinwheel complete.

For my smaller pinwheels, I made 6 separate pieces. You can make fewer or more, depending on the gaps you want in your paper.

~ Begin gluing one individual pinwheel to the other. One at a time. Your circle will start to take shape.

~ Your last piece will be glued on each side to close the pinwheel.


You have a pinwheel!

As you can see, I made several different sizes for our project. If you want smaller pinwheels, you can cut your paper smaller. If you want larger, use a whole book page, folding lengthwise.

Sweet huh?

Literary lovers could use old book pages, like Karie did. Musical couples could use sheet music, comic lovers could use comic book pages…you get the picture. Or why not create your pinwheels around your wedding colour scheme?

Karie and I would love to hear your creative and crafty ideas. How would you use pinwheels at your wedding?

Many thanks to Karie Denny Photography for sharing this adorable DIY project with us, check out her website and blog to see more of her creative pursuits and beautiful photography.

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