I've just spent the most wonderful weekend catching up with friends and family in the sunshine, discussing/watching the Olympic games, eating good food, drinking good wine and sharing tales of San Francisco. Ahhhh it's good to be home. I hope your weekend was just as wonderful!

Let's start the week off with a rustic, colourful DIY wedding full of friendship, love and laughter captured beautifully by O'Malley Photographers:

Katie and Jeff's family and friends were a huge part of the planning process from the lawn games signifying Jeff and his groomsmen's participation in GSCB (Gentlemen's Croquet Society of Boise) to the hand-made sign signifying where in the world everyone had come from and how many miles they had traveled. 

They're totally in love with their pup, Stella, so she was also a main attraction of the day and walked down the aisle with Jeff as part of the wedding party.

Watch out for the magnificent mountain backdrop, a delightful hanger, coral bridesmaids dresses, stripy straws, colourful blooms, a big red barn, a ‘first touch' (as opposed to a first look), horse shoe throwing and barrel running!

Such gorgeous photos don't you think?

I love how Katie and Jeff planned their wedding with their friends and families (and the joining of them) at the forefront of their minds.

Here's a little more from Katie:

Our family and friends are the most important things in our lives, so it was important to keep that in mind during the planning process. We both believe we have the most awesome people in our lives, so we knew we wanted to take advantage of having them all in one place for the first time. My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary the day after our wedding, which was the deciding factor of our date selection. Needless to say, one night where we would only get a few minutes with everyone was not acceptable, so we decided to make it a long weekend celebration capping it off with a fabulous wedding, followed by a blessing for Katie's parents and brunch on Sunday.

We DIO-ed (do it ourselves) most of the wedding to keep the costs down. Jeff is a fabulous chef, so he made some appetizers for cocktail hour. I work at a winery and have access to unlimited wine bottles which we used throughout the wedding. We also love playing games and being active, so we had an area for lawn games including croquet of course!

Are your friends and family a big part of your wedding planning process?

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