Chesca Dolecka and Becca Grover Jones are the talented, crafty sisters behind the bridal and luxury accessories brand Dolecka:

Chesca and Becca were inspired by their great grandmother, whose talents at crafts and recycling became part of their upbringing.

This ethos moulded their artisan approach to jewellery and headpieces, and they decided to bring this creative flair to Bridal and luxury accessories.

They both have many years of experience in the Bridal industry and have made pieces both for theatre and film.

Chesca also works as a bridal consultant in the Sassi Holford boutique in London. She was so lovely, patient and helpful on my many many visits there to decide just which wedding dress I wanted. Each time I went, I was drawn to Dolecka's collection of stunning fabric flowers in delicate shades of ivory and blush. After trying a couple on with a veil, I fell head over heels in love and had to have them! They looked so romantic and dreamy…

See for yourself, here are a few sumptuous pieces from their new Florence collection:

{The fabric flowers are so versatile and can be used as headpieces or corsages!}

I adore them and had the pleasure to wear their pieces on my wedding day and on my recent Rock The Dress shoot! They look beautiful in the photos but I can't begin to tell you how stunning they are in person, so delicate, such attention to detail and they come in the prettiest shades!

Here's a few pictures of Dolecka headpieces combined with Sassi Holford's dresses:

{a perfect combination if you ask me but I may be biased!}

{Don't judge me. But here's a coupe of moi. I just love these photos and wish I could wear Sassi Holford and Dolecka everyday!}

Photos of our wedding by Funky Photographers

Dolecka have gorgeous jewellery collections too with a darling vintage feel to them. These pieces from the Oleanna 1920's inspired collection are absolutely exquisite and perfect for the Art Deco bride:

Stunning right?!

They are stocked in various bridal boutiques in and around London and are available to buy direct from Dolecka.

Visit the Dolecka website to find out more and see the rest of their stunning accessories collections. They are also on Facebook, where they have a wonderfully inspirational ‘real brides' section that's updated often as more and more brides choose hand made Dolecka accessories for their big day! So why not go and click ‘like'…

if only there was a ‘love' button!