‘Do your friends a favour.'

That's the tag line for the Amsadale Bridesmaids Collection…

And as you can see you really would be doing them a big favour. They'd be getting an elegant and understated dress which can be worn again and again. {Even to other weddings as the Amsdale dresses don't scream ‘bridesmaid's dress' like some dresses can!}

The reason I discovered Amsdale was thanks to one of my closest {and most stylish} friends, Kelly. Who is getting married in Thailand…in a month! {I can't actually contain my excitement, expect a few more posts about the lead up to her day and the day itself!}

Kelly had been to a few shops selling bridesmaid's dresses but felt that a lot of them were bad quality and looked/felt cheap. She struggled with her colour scheme. Going from blush pink to bright purple and finally settling on green. {Not a colour I'm particularly fond of, I must admit. But as maid of honour it is my duty to grin and bear it!}

She was getting herself in a right old state worrying about it, then she discovered Amsdale in a bridal magazine. Amsdale are based in America and design stunning wedding dresses too…see:

{‘Calista' from the Blue Label Amsale Collection}

But unfortunately for British brides they're not available in the UK. However the BEAUTIFUL Bridesmaid's dresses are available from a select few retailers in England, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Oh they are so beautiful. I've tried a few of the styles on and they feel as good as they look. They are so delicate, floaty and dreamy! {Perfect for a destination or summer wedding}I am determined to buy one simply for a special occasion as good cut and quality never go out of fashion!

Have a little swoon over these:

Aren't they simply captivating?!

If full length is not the look you're going for how about these short and sweet numbers:

The colour pallette is sublime too! {You can choose from a range of colours and styles and pic n' mix}

Maybe floaty chiffon isn't for you? How about a taffetta cocktail dress for your maids?

And finally…my favourite style of the lot. Which I tried on and fell in love with…Kelly said we were going for it…in purple, so I was thrilled! Then a few days later it was back to the drawing board as she'd decided to go for green dresses!

One day I shall own this Grecian Goddess dress…

So are you a fan of Amsale's understated elegance?

For more information visit the Amsale website.