Happy Friday gorgeous people,

This is the last in the series of our Roses & Ribbons DIY series. Sniff.

It's been fun! I do hope you've found it helpful and / or inspiring.

Last but not least is a sweet and versatile little floral project from Huckleberry Karen Designs for your bridesmaids, flower girls or the proud mums at your wedding.

A floral bracelet or corsage is a cheap and chic alternative to a traditional bouquet for your maids and a charming idea for older flower girls / young bridesmaids at that ‘in between' tween/teenage stage who might look a little odd carrying a pomander or throwing petals down the aisle.

It's also a lovely idea to make the mother of the bride and groom feel more like part of the bridal party (after all, the men get to wear boutonnieres and they probaby don't even like flowers all that much!)

It's a great chance for your mum, mother in law and perhaps even nan, to talk wedding outfits. (From experience, it's a hot and endless topic of conversation in the lead up to your wedding.) So enjoy spending a bit of girly time together choosing colours and flowers to complinent their outfits.

Floral Bracelet / Wrist Corsage DIY

DIY Supplies
Aluminum Floral Wire (gauge 12)
Spray roses
Dusty Miller
Floral Adhesive
Two pieces of card stock cut into a 1” diameter circle
Glue gun

Step By Step Tutorial

1. Take your first piece of cardstock and place your foliage (we used dusty miller) on the edge of the circle. Play around with what you want it to look like. When you are ready, use the floral adhesive and glue the foliage to the cardstock.

2. Use the floral adhesive and glue your spray roses (or choice of flower) so that the cardstock no longer shows.

3. While the flowers are drying, take your aluminum floral wire and measure around your wrist to see how big it needs to be. Double the length and then bend it in half so you have two wires in the shape of a semi-circle.

4. Take your glue gun and dab a bit of glue to the end of the bracelet to secure your ribbon.

5. Wrap ribbon around your bracelet until you reach the end. Add a little more glue to the end and cut the remaining ribbon away.

6. Decide where you want to place your flowers. Place some hot glue on the cardstock with the flowers and place on top of your bracelet. With the other piece of the cardstock, place under the bracelet. Use extra hot glue to make sure the pieces are secure as necessary.

7. Place around your wrist and bend the bracelet so it fits around your wrist comfortably.

So there you have it, a pretty little floral bracelet / corsage that's easy to take on and off. Not that you'd want to take it off, of course.

Will you be using floral bracelets / corsages in your big day? If so who will be wearing them?

As always we'd love to hear from you, so leave a comment or ask a question. Karen and I are here to help.

Many thanks to Huckleberry Karen DesignsSimply Jessie Photography and One True Love Vintage Rentals who are all exceptionally awesome California wedding vendors. FYI.

ps. I'll do a round up of all the tutorials in the series very soon, so watch this space!

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