Bridal Musings is now welcoming sponsors! Hurrah!

Yep, it would appear that somewhere along the line my geeky obsession with all things wedding has turned into a bona fide blogging business that I'm really rather proud of.

I feel so happy and thankful to be in this position where I'm able to work creatively in an industry I'm so very passionate about. And I want to give every one of you lovely readers a great, big virtual hug for all your support.

It may not seem much to you but every time you visit the blog, leave a comment or like/tweet/pin a post, you make me feel that I've made the right decision to focus my time, energy and passion on Bridal Musings.

photo by Paul Barbera via Marlein Overraker

It's been a big year for me personally and for Bridal Musings, though as I'm sure any new business owner will agree, the two are completely intertwined!

In early 2012 Bridal Musings' readership continued to grow at an exceptional rate and an exciting opportunity to become a editorial partner arose. After much deliberation, and lots of ‘am I doing the right thing?' moments, I decided not to go back to my job as a primary school teacher. Zee and I packed up our flat in London and jetted off on a San Francisco adventure for six months and have recently returned to London.

So now that life is a little more settled, I'm thrilled to be able to welcome sponsors who have beautiful/chic/unique/fun/helpful (delete as appropriate) products and services to share with Bridal Musings readers.

What Does This Mean For Readers?

It means that there will be a selection of fabulous wedding vendors personally approved by me for you to check out in the right side bar >>

(For example, have you discovered Cute Tape yet? It's every DIY bride and party planner's dream shop come true!)

Bridal Musings will also feature sponosored posts from time to time that will highlight other awesome vendors/products/services that I think you guys will love. These will always be clearly labelled as ‘sponsored posts' just so that you're in the know.

A highly curated Vendor Guide is on the cards for the new year and, I think you'll like the addition of some gorgeous giveaways too! Free stuff from cool people? What's not to love?

What Does This Mean For Sponsors?

This is an exciting time to be advertising on Bridal Musings because up until recently, the sidebar hasn't been open to ads from independent sponsors. So you'll be one of the first sponsors to connect with Bridal Musings' international readership (the majority of whom are based in the USA, UK and Canada).

In the interests of quality over quantity, there are currently only 12 premium ad spots available and sponsors from the same category are also capped so that the sidebar is not over saturated with one particular type of wedding vendor.

I’m keen to establish relationships with sponsors that my readers will love and who I, in turn, will love to shout about from the rooftops!

Interested? Click here for more details or email me at to request a media kit. I'd love to hear from you.

So, there you have it. It's all rather exciting so please do join me in a little happy dance!

Lots of bloggin' business love,

Elizabeth x

ps. There's a whole bunch of wedding loveliness coming up later ~ no more boring business talk, I promise.

pps. But…if you do have a blog or are interested in blogging, you should check out my Blogging Tips & Tricks Pinterest Board, some of the snippets of advice, hints and tips I've pinned there have helped me on my blogging journey. I hope you find them useful too.

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