Ok, with a unique title like that I'm sure I've piqued your interest…

And rightly so. This shoot is bursting with creative and eclectic ideas for a sweet, fun and seriously cosy Fall wedding.

This is a truly chic and unique concept and shoot ~ from the bright, bold colour palette to the yarn pom pom tree centerpieces and the fabulous florals. I'm loving every. last. detail.

The photos by Jerdan Photography are so bright, beautiful and full of energy. Discover more about the quirky, crochet inspired ideas behind the shoot and all the fantastic team of creatives involved below. (Oh and watch out for the fun place names!)

Prepare to enter a world full of colour and whimsy…

Such a fun shoot! And isn't that doorway in the middle of the woods so wonderfully Narnia esque?

Here's a little about the shoot from Danielle of Jerdan Photography:

I am a huge fan of less-traditional stylized shoots and wanted to mix textures, shapes and colors. So when my best friend showed me her Pinterest board with some recent new crochet projects she was working on the vision was clear!  (Side Note – my friend is a twenty something, trend-setting hipster and YES, she loves to crochet. Why? I don't know but I am thankful for her awesome skills, because without those ole granny finger tricks, we wouldn't have these awesome pictures.)

From Hollie of Sweet Southern Charm:

In the weeks leading up to the shoot Danielle and I swapped ideas of balloons, sweets, and finally the piece de résistance…YARN! It was the perfect missing element, to make this shoot as unique as all of the vendors involved. It ended up being a fun mix of bright colors, vintage pieces, and a tiny bit of rustic, all wrapped up in one.

And here is the gorgeous, not to be missed film of the shoot by White In Revery:

Jaymes and Allyson – A Stylized Shoot from White in Revery on Vimeo.

Want to learn how to make your own yarn pom poms?

Check out this helpful post for simple step by step tutorials & where to buy them >> Yarn Pom Poms: BUY or DIY?

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