This is too cute. I highly recommend reading the story behind this proposal in the bride's own words:

One year after our first (nine hour) date at a local café, we returned to that same cafe. We were playing scrabble (kind of our thing!) For the first time ever, I was beating Mike!  Turns out he was nervous because he had a sneaky plan up his sleeve!

He spelled out “will you?” on the scrabble board (with the gorgeous engagement ring taking the place of the “o” tile) and then got down on one knee.

Immediately the lights went out in the café and everyone around us lit sparklers! I was astonished!

It turns out that our family had been watching from Mike’s dad’s vehicle across the street (and photo-documenting it from the outside). As well, my two friends had been hiding in the café so that they could photograph & take video of the proposal unfolding.

It was a wild surprise!

scrabble proposal story and video - my suitcase heart

Read the story and see more photos here.

Janis and Mike are a super creative couple. Janis shares beautiful words and photos on her blog My Suitcase Heart and Mike is a talented wedding photographer. They are based in Winnipeg, Canada.