Hold the phone.

Shut the door.


This just blew my mind.

It's a surprise rendition of Les Miserables' ‘One Day More' for a pair of musical-loving newlyweds during their wedding dinner…and boy do they have some talented friends!

(Discovered via One Wed on Pinterest)

Amazing right?

Such a unique and precious gift for the couple and it's certainly the classiest way to do anything ‘flash mob' related at a wedding.

It reminds me a little of this beautiful and unique musical wedding, the bride (who is a singing teacher) surprised her groom by serenading him. She also worked with her students to create an incredible ‘Love Actually' style choral medley.

Are any of you incorporating any meaningful live music into your wedding day?

And is anyone else super excited about the movie now?!

For brides looking to incorporate a bit of French, Le Miserables style drama into your day, check out this Les Mis themed inspiration board by Burnett's Boards. Here's a little glimpse of the pretty that awaits you:

Alea Lovely via Ruffled (as seen on Burnett's Boards)

Right, I'm off to show Zee, whose favourite musical is…yep, you guessed it, Les Mis!

He's going to LOVE it.

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