Let's get the week off to a beyond beautiful start shall we?

Kara and Tim had a rustic, organic wedding in the breath-taking natural setting of Spicers Lodge in Queensland, Australia.

They invited 30 of their closest friends and family for an intimate ceremony on the land followed by a delicious al fresco lunch using locally sourced produce.

Kara, is a professional props stylist and buyer with a background in photography which explains the truly stunning aesthetics and her creative, ‘hands on' approach to their wedding.

Kara designed all of the stationery to incorporate the colours of the landscape of the region ~ dusty pinks, soft browns and faded creams. She also designed her own wedding dress using the finest French lace. As well as planning and styling the day to absolute perfection drawing on her and Tim's shared love of music, nature and their chickens!

Nikole Ramsay Photography was on hand to capture all the natural beauty of their wedding.

The Flowers

My bouquet was made from humble garden varieties on request. The style of my bouquet and all of the floral arrangements was that of a ‘looseness'. Nothing too perfect. My florist Anneliese Gomez of Hacienda Flowers understood this brief perfectly. All of the flowers were to be within our colour palette – inspired from the landscape, dusty pinks, faded hues, silvery greens. Anneliese incorporated roses, parrot tulips, wax and more, including an absolute favourite – pepper berry. Which suited the location perfectly.

For the pin holes I collected shed feathers from our gorgeous buff pekin bantam chickens leading up to the wedding. I took the feathers to Anneliese to include inTimothy's pin hole and the families pinholes. Our girls are very much part of our family, so it was lovely to have them there in thought on the day.

The Wedding Music

Music is dear to our us, we spent a considerable yet enjoyable time planning it. Everybody drove 2 hours to the venue, so we sent out a CD playlist in the post to each of our guests prior to the journey, they were instructed to play it on their way to the wedding and also to learn the words to one of the songs. The playlist both reflected us but also the journey and landscape they passed through.  Earthy strings, well written soungs and emotional creaking vocals ensured a soulful soundtrack. 

The music at the wedding period floated between classic jazz, contemporary instrumentals, modern composers and musicians from Africa.

The Ceremony

We wrote our vows and we also had a ring blessing. Our wedding rings were placed in a birds nest and passed around to each of our guests. We also had a ‘reading of the feast’ before the long lunch to welcome everyone and to bring everyone together.

For the ceremony we sourced and modified an old piano to make it our sound system and signing table (we gutted it and placed a speaker within). We played beautiful piano songs as the guests settled, Kara walked down to Suite Bergamasque by Alexis Weissenber, and we walked back out to Aux Champes-Elysee by Joe Dassin.

The Dress

I designed it myself with the help of Paul at Trio Designs. Fabric was from Alla Moda in Brisbane using French lace. I was inspired by a classic European ‘peasant’ wedding. Traditional proportions with a contemporory take on it. I wanted to feel like a bride and look like a bride. I love seeing my grandmother’s wedding photographs with her wearing her bridal gown. There is no mistaking that that’s her bridal gown and I wanted a similar traditional aethetic. The lace for the veil and dress is from one of the oldest lace makers in the world in France.


I actually met Nikole Ramsay when we were both living in London. I started working with her managing her production and also working as an ‘in house stylist’. I would look at her wedding work and just be in awe of the sheer emotion she had the ability to record. Nikole has so much energy and enthusuam towards each and every wedding and I love her style of real emotional reportage, which really resonates with me.

On the day we became engaged I said to Tim almost immediately ‘I want Nikole to shoot our wedding!’. She gives 500% to each and every wedding and she always gets the shots, Amazing.

These are some of the loveliest ceremony photos I've ever seen, many thanks to Nikole Ramsay for sharing them with us today. (Find her on Facebook too.)

There were far too many gorgeous photos from this wedding to squeeze into one post, so be sure to come back tomorrow for Part 2 of Kara and Tim's wedding featuring their rustic Italian style wedding lunch and reception.

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ps. What an inspired idea to feature an old piano with a speaker inside as part of the ceremony decor!