Alicia and Eddie are one seriously crafty couple.

They put a whole lot of time, effort and love into creating a cosy, carefully curated home reflective of them. Full of darling DIY touches (wait till you see their photo wall!) and thrifted, vintage finds.

So where better to have their engagement shoot than in the place they love the most?

And who better to shoot it than Sarah of Hazelwood Photo? Whose beautiful, colourful and creative photography is a dream come true.

Their engagement shoot started with a pancake breakfast in their kitchen with their cute dog, Libby, looking on enviously, and ended up with a spot of antique hunting around their Portland neighbourhood.

Aka ‘The Perfect Sunday'.

From Alicia:

Eddie and I decided to do our engagement shoot for the most part at our home together.

We had been dating for nearly 3 years before moving in together, and we have put a lot of time into truly making it reflective of us. It's where we got engaged (in our kitchen, and yes, our adorable dog Libby was right there next to us), it's where we spend most of our time, and at only 8 months living there, it's already full of favorite memories. 

If you couldn't tell, we are pretty artsy people. Eddie likes to joke that given 10 minutes I could figure out how to craft just about anything.

Most of the art in our apartment is handmade or found. The wall in our kitchen full of pictures is all Eddie's doing. He designed it and we hung it together. We found fabric at our favorite fabric store on Alberta here in Portland and featured it in the embroidery hoops I found for $1 each during yet another antique hunt. 

Probably our most favorite piece in the house is our headboard, which my step-father Jay crafted for us by hand. It took only $60.00 for materials, 2 hours, and a lot of love. I stained it and our matching nightstands myself. It's probably my most treasured possession, and it's intended to stay in our family for a long time to come.

Every inch of our house was designed in love–which is why we couldn't think of anything better than featuring it as a back drop for our love filled pictures. 

Eddie and I have known each other since we were 12 and in middle school. We've been friends since then but nothing more, until one night in August 2009 when we were at a mutual friend's party and I declared that we were going to make out, to which most of our friends said finally.

The rest is basically history. 

Aren't they just the sweetest? And what an amazing home.

You just know that their wedding is going to be one big, vintage inspired, design led, craft fest!

It's been such a pleasure featuring this shoot today. Many thanks to Alicia and Eddie for sharing their sweet love and creativity and to Hazelwood Photo for capturing this exciting time in their lives so perfectly.

Be sure to visit Alicia and Eddie's blog, Art Plus Us where you can find tutorials for lots of the crafts seen in this shoot as well as a whole lot of other awesomeness.

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