Today's engagement shoot has us all a'flutter just at the thought of it; A cleverly-planned ruse, a picture-perfect balcony, a gorgeous ring – and snow! This groom sure knows how to put together the perfect proposal.

Keith and Nina's surprise Pennsylvania proposal shoot will melt even the coldest heart. Mandy Fierens Photography captured every gasp, squeal and tear perfectly. And lucky for us we get to hear both sides of this sweet proposal.

From Keith's Perspective

I needed to find a believable excuse for us to get dressed up but still have it be a surprise. I also wanted a photo record of it. So I thought of the idea to trick Nina into thinking that we were getting a couples photo shoot at my house (to help with Mandy's photography portfolio) and then break the news that they were actually our engagement photos.

The day of, there was a bad snow storm and I worried it would ruin my plan. It was the last chance where all three of our schedules aligned for another month. Though I had to push Nina's car up my driveway, all the rest ended up going smoothly. I ended up asking her during formal pictures on my balcony. I had to act quickly because the ring box was too large for my pocket and I was worried she would see it. Not to mention it was about 15 degrees outside. Her first reaction was a blank stare that seemed to last forever. I think I even said “The ring is real. This is really happening” Once she realized this was actually happening she broke down in tears and said yes.

Surprise Proposal | Mandy Fierens Photography | Bridal Musings 4

Surprise Proposal | Mandy Fierens Photography | Bridal Musings 6

Surprise Proposal | Mandy Fierens Photography | Bridal Musings 7

From Nina's Perspective

Besides a family meeting in the morning, the only other event I had penciled in my schedule that day was to meet a photographer who would be photographing Keith and I in order to develop her career portfolio. Having done this voluntary gesture for other clients, I thought nothing of a proposal. As we began to take our formal pictures out in the cold, Keith used the phrase, “I have been lying to you this whole time.” In my mind, I thought, what could this mean? What has he done? Did I do wrong? Then he says, “These are our engagement photos.” Ignoring his words, I glanced at the photographer, thinking only about my expression and position for the sake of photographing. It wasn't until he got down on one knee did I see the correct “picture.” I am so happy that now we have this moment to look back on through pictures, and truly portrays the best day of our lives.

Surprise Proposal | Mandy Fierens Photography | Bridal Musings 8

Isn't Nina just so adorable? I love all her expressions.

And how amazing that they'll have these gorgeous pictures of every single moment, to remember their special engagement forever.

We can't wait to see what's in store for this gorgeous twosome on their wedding day, but we reckon Keith might already have a few tricks up his sleeve. Thanks for sharing your tear-jerking proposal!

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