I can't tell you how happy I am to introduce you all to the first official member of Team Bridal Musings: Claire Byrne!

Writer, creative, crafty type, travel lover, wedding obsessive and cake enthusiast – Claire is going to fit right in.

You'll be seeing a lot more of her around these parts as she'll be taking over my role as editor while I take on more of an editor in chief role. Sounds fancy doesn't it? But basically all it means is that I'll be posting less frequently and getting up to more musings behind the scenes.

I hope you'll all join me in giving Claire a very warm welcome to Bridal Musings.

Claire and I have big, beautiful things in store for 2014 and beyond, but before we crack on with those, let's get to know Claire a little better by delving into a few of her favourite things…

When it comes to the things I'm passionate about, meeting new people, enjoying new experiences and seeing new places, all top the list. I'm a big believer in mindfulness, in being positive and in taking it all in.

As one who doesn't like to be rushed, I'm more of a slow traveller, than a weekend break, squeeze in the sights kind of gal. I spent a year living in Siem Reap taking it all in at my own pace, cycling about, enjoying sunsets over Angkor, and sunrises on the way home from nights out. 

Other places among my favourites so far, Hoi An (an entire town dedicated to lanterns and dress-making, what's not to love?!) Venice, Ljubljana, Santa Barbara, London (so much so, I stuck around) and of course Dublin, my hometown.

On the bucket list, is Paris (I can't believe I still haven't been), Puglia, Buenos Aires, Havana and New Orleans (and the list goes on!)

I'm something of a magpie with a major obsession with all things gold and ornate (I carried three kilos of jewellery with me when I went travelling!).

I love vintage jewellery and statement finds, though it doesn't have to be the real deal, (I'm a bit of a cheap date like that), my two most prized pieces of jewellery cost less than 20 bucks a piece; a big disk ring from fair trade brand Made, and a bracelet made from landmine shrapnel which I bought in Cambodia. (Though if you do fancy splashing out, I'm also a big fan of Monica Vinader, thanks!)

Like my jewellery tastes, my style is rather bohemian – but changeable. I love floaty tops, lace maxis and flip flops, though some days nothing but a structured dress and high heels will do.

1. Angkor Wat, Cambodia photo by Printscapes via Fine Art America 2. Essie nail polish in bold hues 3. Jewellery via Eclectic Boho Love 4. Travel – with a Luxe city guide in tow 5. More jewellery 6. Bohemian floral floral crowns 7. Rob Ryan prints

If I could only eat four things for the rest of my life? Chocolate, cheese, potatoes, and red wine – red wine's a food, right? Oh and cake. Can I make that five things?

I'm a little bit obsessed with interiors, (this Pinterest board basically sums up my London flat) and adore splashes of colour, whimsical accessories, sink-into-able textures and tonnes of natural light.

I love adorning my walls with photos of my travels and quirky works of art. I'm mad about laser cut outs, beautiful graphics and retro prints. Rob Ryan is up there among my faves, I have a few fun prints from Siem Reap-based, Filipino artist, Loven Ramos, and a prized sketch from my very talented pal, Sarahlee Madigan.

I love to read though I do it not nearly enough, my childhood faves still do it for me with Roald Dahl, Marita Conlon McKenna and C.S. Lewis, all having a special place on my bookshelf. In another life, I'd have been a war reporter, Asne Seierstad and Robert Fisk are among my idols. As is Dawn Porter. I emailed her once and got the most wonderful response.

And finally my dream wedding? Well I'm still working that one out. It changes daily, especially since taking this gig. At the minute I'm somewhere between a chilled out back yard BBQ, and a week long bash in Italy or France. But by next week, who knows?

So there you have it, a few of my favourite things…along with, you know, family… friends…my boyfriend…my duvet… all that other important stuff.

Great isn't she?!

So from now on, when you're reading your daily dose of wedding loveliness on Bridal Musings imagine it with an added, cheeky Irish lilt.