If you're on the hunt for bridal shower / hen do game ideas to help you plan the perfect party, UK stag and hen party specialists Chillisauce Events are here to help.

Today they're sharing an eclectic selection of classic, fun and unique bridal shower games.

(Brides, be sure to pass this post onto your maid of honour!)

 Top 10 Chic & Unique Hen Do / Bridal Shower Games

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Top 10 Hen Do/Bridal Shower Games

Let's face it, every Hen Do or Bridal Shower should have a few good games up their sleeves.  If you are planning either for the bride-to-be, and are stumped on game ideas, don't sweat it we've come up with a top ten list for you.

Choose one of these that suits your crowd best, and everyone will have a swell time. Not to mention, you'll go down in the books as a big hit as the perfect host.

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1. The Mr. & Mrs. Quiz

If you didn't already know, this is quite the popular activity at hen dos. If you have no idea I'm talking about, let me clue you in what this is all about.

Before the hen night you have the groom fill out a questionnaire that you have prepared on the bride, himself & their relationship. Keep in mind, that the funnier the questions are, the better. Then, during the party you ask the bride to fill out the same questionnaire & guess what he would have answered.

If you're super organised, you could record a video tape of the groom answering the questions as proof – or the more tech savvy could have a google hangout / Skype call with the groom to see his reaction to the bride's answers!

Some questions to ask: How did you meet? What's your favourite body part of your partner? Name one thing he/she would save (apart from you) in a fire? What's his/her most annoying habit? Favourite film/book? Most embarrassing thing that ever happened to him/her? What's his/her favourite sexual position?

photo by Heather Kincaid via Junebug Weddings

2. Scavenger Hunt

Break the ladies up into teams & give them a list of things that they need to bring back by the end of the party.  If you thought scavenger hunts were just for kids, think again.

You can make a scavenger hunt as x-rated as you want, depending on the personality of your bride-to-be.

Some fun treasure ideas to include: a stranger's business card/phone number, a lemon, a fake tattoo of … [insert funny animal here] (get a stranger to draw one for you!), a flavoured condom. May the best team win!

bachelorette party scavenger hunt download

Bachelorette party scavenger hunt card (digital download) Designed By Anna via Etsy 

3. Dress the bride 

What fun would a hen night be without getting slightly ridiculous & decked out?  Split up the girls into groups & give them a collection of garb to throw on the bride before she goes out on the town.  Think: glitter, lays, signs, necklaces, veils, gloves, feathers, etc. Don't hold back, & be sure to take lots of pictures!

Or why not all chip in a few pounds and buy the most hideous, second hand, 80's style wedding gown with puffy sleeves and a tacky veil from Ebay/ a charity shop / fancy dress shop and make the bride wear it out to a bar or club!

(A back up dress/outfit should be taken for when she's had enough of the humiliation or is too hot dancing around in a big, pouffy satin number!)

photo by Heather Kincaid via Junebug Weddings

4. Post It Note Memory Game

Give everyone a post-it note and pen. Each lady writes down a sweet / funny / drunken / embarrassing memory they have of the bride.

When everyone is done, place all the post-it notes on a wall or table for the bride to read one by one. As she reads them out she has to guess who wrote it and explain the story to the rest of the group.

The lovely thing about this game is that all the post it notes can be kept and put in a book / album as a sweet keepsake for the bride.

Hen Party Games

Robes by Plum Pretty Sugar, Photo by Kelly Sauer via Bridal Musings

5. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Challenge 

This is THE ultimate bridal shower game for a reason – it's lots of fun!

Split into teams, and hand out an abundance of toilet paper. One person in the team is ‘the bride' and the main objective of this game, is to create a dream wedding dress out of, you guessed it, toilet paper.

Ten minutes is a good time to set for the teams to accomplish this task. After ten minutes is up have each ‘bride' debut their dress, and one of the team members discuss their inspiration.

The real bride to be then picks her favourite dress of the lot. Don't forget to take lots of photos!

toilet paper wedding dress bridal shower fame

photo by Brandi Welles Photographer via Bridal Guide

6. He Says / She Says

Ask the bride and groom their thoughts on subjects to do with love and marriage and note down a selection of funny / random quotes from them.

Then, at the bridal shower, guests have to guess if the quotes were said by the bride or groom (or both) and circle / tick the correct box. Such a cute idea spotted on Made Sweet and Orange Beautiful!

A fun twist on the game is to have guests hold up a mustache or lips depending on whether they think the bride or groom said it! As seen on Dear Lizzy

bridal shower game - who said it?

7. Who Am I?

A classic party game to break the ice. Have each of the hens write the name of a celebrity on a post it note (someone should include ‘the groom' too for fun!) pop them upside down on a table, so nobody can see the names, then one by one, each girl should pick out a post it note and, without looking at it, stick it onto their forehead.

Then they have 20 ‘yes or no' questions to try and guess who they are. For example: Am I male? Am I under 30? Am I a singer? For each wrong guess they have to take a swig of their drink!

8.Taste the Cake 

Two hosts will set up a dessert buffet with samples of cake & sweets and know all of the flavors. This can include the ever popular cake pops, & cupcakes as well as macarons and jelly beans.

Each guest will walk down the dessert buffet, blindfolded, with one of the hosts guiding them, and make a guess at each flavor. Drinking champagne after each bite!

photo by Heather Kincaid via Junebug Weddings

9. I Have Never…

This drinking game works a treat at bachelorette parties to get the conversation flowing! Each girl gets to complete the sentence, “I have never…” with something that they have never personally done.

Whoever has actually done what the girl said must take a sip of their drink. You will be surprised as to who has done what!


Robes by Plum Pretty Sugar, Photo by Kelly Sauer via Bridal Musings

10. Leave it to the Professionals

If you are stuck for ideas or need to plan a weekend of fun and frolics then look to the professionals. Let Chillisauce Events take care of the entertainment. No sense doing all the work yourself!

Do you have any more party game ideas to add? We'd love to hear your suggestions in the comments!

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