These surprise save the dates are such a unique, crafty and creative way of telling your loved ones that you're engaged.

I absolutely LOVE this idea!

Imagine the scene…

Loved one hears the thump of the post falling to the floor, she pads out to the hallway and finds a glossy black envelope with exquisite white calligraphy by Ryanne Steele on the front…

She admires said calligraphy and thinks to herself ‘Wow. My address never looked so pretty'.

Then she opens it up and lo and behold – the loveliest gold foil envelope liners you ever did see.

And inside, peeking out is a gilded word search just waiting to be, well, searched.

After a few minutes, she spots her friend/brother/sister/cousin's name and their partner's name and deciphers the amazing news!

Genius. Crafty, creative genius. And so gorgeous too! Don't you think?

Congratulations to photographer Edyta Szyszlo and her fiance Jared on the good news!

Pop over to Edyta's blog to find out more about her crafty save the dates and get a few DIY tips.

Oh and be sure to take a peek at her beautiful wedding photography too – but be warned, you could end up staying a while. I always do!

So what do you guys think? will you be surprising your loved ones with their save the dates?

It takes a whole lot of will power not to blurt out the news that you're engaged soon after the question has been popped.

Zee and I were bursting with excitement and had rang all of our closest family and friends in England, Singapore, Vietnam and Kuwait and changed our Facebook statuses within three hours of his proposal!

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