Childhood sweethearts Sarah and Dave's love story is about as sweet as they come.

It all started when Sarah's family moved next door to Dave's in their teens. When they first met, Dave couldn't take his eyes off her (is it any wonder?!) and over the years their friendship blossomed into something more. Something much more!

Sarah describes it in the loveliest way:

We grew up together, and our love grew with us.

Last year, on a very special trip, Dave asked the question Sarah had been longing to hear.

Their dreamy engagement shoot by Brittanee Taylor Photography is full of kisses, cute ‘country' inspired touches, plaid, perfect beach blonde curls* and dreamy California sunshine.

 The Engagement Shoot

I wanted our engagement photos to show our personalities, so we shopped around at various antique and thrift shops to find props that would do just that. We found the chalk board at a local antique shop and I knew when I saw it, that it would be perfect for our engagement photos. I wanted to keep the colors light and our outfits very fun, and chic. I also decided to wear my cowboy boots for just a touch of country, to symbolize our love for country music. I wanted the photos to capture the love that we have for each other, as well as show off our fun, and playful side and I feel Brittanee captured that so perfectly!

 The Proposal

It is May 2012, we are getting ready for our exciting trip to Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta! Our very first cruise for both of us, and we have seven days that we will be there. I remember the thought crossing my mind, okay let's be honest I thought about it a dozen times! But I kept trying to find out hints from him, nothing was working, I can usually tell if he is keeping something from me, but, wow! He did a good job keeping this proposal a secret! So I had myself convinced, “He isn't even going to propose to me!!” I was a bit disappointed but I just wanted to have fun on this cruise. So I no longer really thought about it.

“I knew I wanted to propose to Sarah at sometime on our cruise, but I did not know exactly what day. When we got on the ship I decided that it would be best to do it on our first formal dinner of the cruise. I knew that if I did it then, I would be able to set up for a photographer to be there. I had been waiting a long time to propose to Sarah, and I was very nervous before I proposed to her, and also while I was proposing to her. I knew everyone would be watching us, but I knew it was the right time, and I am glad we have photos to remember that day by.” – Dave

It was formal night on the cruise. We both got dressed up, and looked really nice, we snapped a few pictures in the hotel room, (Dave made a makeshift camera stand out of the couch, and table we had in our room, so that we could do so) Looking back I should have thought it strange, that he was going through all of this effort to take photos in our room, but I didn't. After we leave our room and as we are approaching the dining hall, we saw all these photographers so we decided to take a few professional photos. As the photographer is posing us, he tells me to put my right hand over Dave's jacket pocket, I later come to find out, that this is where he had the ring box! Luckily I never felt it and I never even knew it was there.

We ate a delicious meal, and I asked Dave if he was ready to go “No, I have to go use the restroom.” Which again, odd, for Dave to want to go and use the restroom when our room is only a few minutes away from the dining hall, clue number two that I had missed! But he looked like he was in distress, so I thought he must really need to go!

So the waiter comes around and asks if we want dessert, by this time Dave had already left, so I ordered for both of us. We get our desserts and a few moments later Dave sits down to join me. It all went by so fast, but so slow at the same time. He stood up, and got down on his knee, he told me he has always loved me, and he knew the first time he saw me, and then asked me to be his wife. I said “YES!” And the best part! He got pictures! What he was really doing when he went to go to the “restroom” was getting the restaurant manager, and also a photographer. He told the photographer to come up behind me and give Dave the thumbs up when he is ready. I had no clue all of this was going on. I didn't even notice but everyone in the restaurant was starring at us, and I didn't come back to reality until I heard all of the loud claps, and cheering.

As we left the dining room, every person was high-fiving us, and telling us congratulations, it was the happiest moment of my life.

Awwwww! Congratulations Sarah and Dave! Wishing you all the best for your wedding and marriage.

*I've got major hair envy!

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