I am a big believer in a strong, shapely brow.

For years I plucked my eyebrows to within an inch of their life and as a result I looked permanently shocked. It was not a good look.

Think Megan Fox, not Frida Kahlo.

And a good brow is not just something brunettes or those with thick unruly brows need to consider. Fair haired beauties need to make sure their eyebrows look defined too. Take Gwen Stefani, for instance, back in her No Doubt days her brows were overplucked or invisible!

But look at her now, the epitome of glamour, sophistication and Marilyn Monroe gorgeousness:

Cadance, a former make-up artist and Esthetician who now owns the Cinnamon Candies beauty blog shares my sentiments on the importance of a good brow and she's kindly agreed to share her top make up kits for brides considering the DIY route. If you missed her first post check it out here: It's all About the Eyes

Over to Candace for her second post: Eyebrows Need Love Too!

Benefit Brows a-go-go

This is an all in one eyebrow shaping kit that won't cause the irritation or “oopsies” waxing may cause. Benefit brows a-go-go includes brow color, wax and tweezers to shape and color in your brows. Even if you do mess up, the color will help cover that up easily. Because this set has no stencils, it's not for the inexperienced “plucker”. Though the set does include step-by-step instructions on how to do your eyebrows. If you are trying it for the first time, make sure that you start to practice months before your Wedding just in case there is a mistake.

Sephora Collection Arch It Brow Kit

Inexperienced with your eyebrows? That's O.K. because the Sephora Collection has you covered. This eyebrow kit has stencils, color, tweezers and a wax to help keep the stray hairs tamed. It's a great buy for anyone who is new at shaping their own eyebrows, but it does take some practice to master. There is one issue with this kit and that is the colors available. Brides with very light hair or very dark hair may have a difficult time finding a match with the colors. However, the stencils and tweezers are worth it. Just like with waxing, make sure that you do your eyebrows at least 4 days before your Wedding to calm any irritation or redness.

This may not be a make-up kit, but it is a “must have” for a Bride doing her own make-up. A good case to keep everything in:

This Sephora Metro Train Case is a great case to keep all of your Wedding Day beauty arsenal safely tucked away. There is also enough room to keep any emergency beauty items. It's also a great case to take along on your honeymoon!

Thanks so much to Candace for these suggestions. How chic is that case?! Why not go check out more of Candace’s tips, reviews and recommendations on her beauty blog, Cinnamon Candies

{I love a good DIY kit but if you're just a bit too nervous to do your own brows, I highly recommend threading and tinting by a professional. I recently started get mine done and am very pleased with the results!}