This unique engagement shoot by Sandra Marusic Photography inspired by the Dancers Among Us series makes my heart sing!

It also makes me wish I hadn't given up ballet at 11. (Mum, I'm sorry, I should've listened to you!)

Dancers have always inspired me – I'm in awe of their grace, discipline and creativity.

It amazes me how they use their bodies to express emotions in ways that words just can't touch upon.

Iasonas and Lavinia are both talented dancers attending Bird College in London so it was only fitting that their engagement shoot featured their shared passion, dance.

They pirouetted and leaped around bustling Soho on a dreary London day, moving in sync with one another, contorting their bodies into mesmerising shapes. Stopping only for kisses and coffee.

Congratulations Iasonas and Lavinia, wishing you all the best for your dance down the aisle!

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