Hello, I'm so pleased and honoured to be able to share this with you today…

I absolutely adore Shaneen Rosewarne Cox's photography.

Shaneen is a very talented photographer who I had the pleasure of working with when she shot my pin up boudoir photos last year.

When you are wearing an apron and not much else, you need to feel comfortable with your photographer and Shaneen made me feel so at ease with her friendly banter and cupcakes!

I was thrilled with my pin up boudoir photos (and so was Zee!) and I've not doubt Thalia and Jared were blown away by their rock the dress photos too! You'll see why when you scroll down…but first, over to Shaneen to tell us a bit about the shoot:

A Unique Location

“The shoot took place at Ivinghoe Windmill in the village of Ivinghoe Herts at the beginning of Autumn last year. Autumn is my favourite time for outdoor shoots, its so colourful! Its the second Rock The Dress I've done there and I use it a lot for family portraiture too. I love it as its so versatile and quiet. Every shoot I've done there we've always had the place to ourselves which helps everyone relax. Its surrounded by fields and because its so open the light can be really dramatic which is a photographers dream.

Rock The Dress is becoming so popular as your wedding day goes by so fast not every couple has a chance to relax and get creative with their photos. You want to be able to enjoy your guests and be a part of the party. Its not always possible to dedicate an hour or more for creative shots on the day. Plus, I find brides are a lot less worried about their dresses getting dirty in a Rock The Dress. On your wedding day you want to stay immaculate so lying on the grass or walking in a field isn't always practical!”

Thalia certainly wasn't afraid to rock her gorgeous, ruffly dress in a field!

My favourite shots are the last two. The sweeping pose and the way Jared is holding Thalia's face are pure Hollywood romance!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Shaneen for sharing her stunning photos. Being a newbie wedding blogger I must admit it's very difficult to approach photographers to ask for features. With a small readership (at the moment), I can't offer them much except my enthusiasm for fantastic photography! Shaneen was an absolute sweetheart, so kind and helpful, offering much appreciated advice.

If you are looking for a talented, creative photographer who really listens to your suggestions for poses, props etc. then Shaneen is your woman. Check out her website to find out more: www.rosewarnecoxphotography.co.uk

Best wedding wishes, Elizabeth x

I'd love to hear which photos are your favourites too. Don't be shy, please leave me a comment and make my day!