Here's just a few reasons why your Monday is about to get a whole lot more gorgeous…

Preston Court in Kent is pretty much my dream wedding venue, it's got an English country garden feel, a 17th Century barn, horses roaming the fields and a carousel. Then there's Lucy Birkhead‘s romantic, timeless photography and a super 8mm film from Mark Brown Films that will take your breath away.

Add to that bridesmaids in elegant blush pink Dessy dresses, a rustic, cheese wedding cake, a bride in layered lace Pronovias, baby's breath bouquets and a cream VW camper van. But best of all, we've met the bride and groom before!

Remember Hannah and Chris' dreamy beach engagement shoot?

It's such a treat to continue their love story and share their magical wedding here on Bridal Musings.

 From The Bride…

For our wedding it was important that we had a great videographer and photographer, a band and lots of booze.

We didn’t do many of the wedding formalities such as throwing the bouquet, group photos or the receiving line. For us it was about a big party to celebrate with all our favourite people. We had a relaxed service outside and then the fun began with Pimms and a magical carousel and ended with everyone singing on the vintage red bus back to the hotel for an after party.

All the small details came together but on the day it was just about being with each other surrounded by our loved ones.

 Ceremony Reading

My bridesmaid who travelled from Australia read the reading below by Bee Rawlinson during the ceremony which had everyone laughing and added to the relaxed feel to our service.

Love me when I'm old and shocking
Peel off my elastic stockings
Swing me from the chandeliers
Let's be randy bad old dears.

Push around my chromed Bath Chair
Let me tease your white chest hair
Scaring children, swapping dentures
Let us have some great adventures.

Take me to the Dogs and Bingo
Teach me how to speak the lingo
Bone my eels and bring me tea
Show me how it's meant to be.

Take me to your special places
Watching all the puzzled faces
You in shorts and socks and sandals
Me with warts and huge love-handles.

As the need for love enthralls
Wrestle with my damp proof smalls
Make me laugh without constraint
Buy me chocolate body paint.

Hold me safe throughout the night
When my hair has turned to white
Believe me when I say it's true
I've waited all my life for you.

(Elizabeth here: I love that reading!)

 The Refreshments

Served Pimms for a English feel, We had a formal sit down and the wedding cake was tiers of cheese which was cut for cheese platter desserts.

 Décor & Details

The venue was decorated with white bunting and pastal coloured pom poms, the vintage organ in the barn was the beautiful centre piece.

 The Music

 First Dance – Hey Ho by the Lumineers

 Best Bits

Being with all our loved ones was amazing, we had so many friends that had travelled across the world to be there which was overwhelming. Most of the wedding party stayed at the Bell Hotel so we were able to spend the whole weekend with everyone which was amazing.

 Photography & Videography

We fell in love with Mark W Brown and I got addicted to his blog, his vintage relaxed style was exactly what we were looking for. Mark recommended our photographer, Lucy Birkhead, as we trusted his taste, she was amazing and lived up to his recommendation.

(Mark Brown's beautiful film is coming up later this afternoon so stayed tuned.)

 Advice For Other Couples

Don’t get carried away with the small details that people won't remember and definitely take a step back to take it all in on the day.

Congratulations Hannah and Chris!

Be sure to come back this afternoon to see their magical nuptials in motion.