I am so pleased to be able to share this unique, urban, Rock the Dress shoot featuring beautiful Muslim bride, Anisa, captured perfectly by the talented and passionate Sofi Seck of Sofi Seck Photography from St Louis, Missouri in the US of A.

Here's Sofi to share the story behind the shoot:

Anisa showed me her wedding photos and because her wedding dress was so open on top, she could not do fun outside bridal photos at the wedding {due to her Muslim culture}. Together we thought of doing something a bit more urban but she still wanted to use her dress so we had to find a way to cover it up on top more. We tried cardigans and scarfs but nothing worked-really nothing looked good! So we decided to find a white turtle neck to go under the dress. It worked but she had a long veil and with the turtleneck, it just did not look good. So I decided, with Anisa's permission, to make the veil into a hijab {a traditional  Muslim head wrap} by wrapping and pinning it to the side. It actually turned out nicely because she could not have her hair out anyway.

And oh my it looks so chic! It has a Delphine Manivet vibe to it and Anisa is absolutely stunning. See for yourself…

Wow! These images are sooo different to any other Rock the Dress shoot I've ever seen! What about you?

Thank you so much to Anisa who really should be America's Next Top Model! And of course to the wonderful Sofi of Sofi Seck Photography who sees and brings out the best of each person behind her lens! To see more of her photography check out her website.