Hello from Thailand!

I know you were thinking: wedding geek + blogging addict = daily posts while away on honeymoon.

I was too. I even put it in writing! I tried my very hardest to make this happen but it hasn't worked out as planned…

The best way to describe how I look as I type this is ‘sheepish'. No, make that ‘very sheepish'.

However, I'm sure you'll understand and approve of me enjoying the last few days of our once in a lifetime honeymoon in Thailand?!

Here's a few taster photos of our Phuket trip:

Peaceful, breath-taking Penang Bay

I got a shot of one of the wild dogs of Naka Island taking a dip…such a surreal but cute photo!

Below are a few photos of our stunning pool villa at the zen, minimalist Sala Hotel and Resort

We're getting back to nature with our outdoor toilet, shower, bath and sinks!


Full write up to come with lots of recommendations and photos from my friend's amazing wedding soon…but if you can't wait, check out the Bridal Musings Facebook Page for some sneak peeks of the wedding!

Hope you are all happy and healthy,

I'm looking forward to getting back into the saddle at Bridal Musings…

But shamelessly enjoying these last few moments of idyllic sunshine and bliss as I sit here, in our beautiful villa with my wonderful husband, feeling like the luckiest lady in the world.

Elizabeth x

I'd love to hear about your honeymoon or honeymoon plans…where did/will you go?