Creative and crafty London based wedding planners Knot and Pop are sharing a rustic DIY project with us today that'll have you recycling your jam jars and mason jars quicker than you can say um…recycled mason jar.

This double duty project is my kind of DIY – easy, cheap and chic.  Take it away ladies!

DIY Hanging Aisle Decor / Alternative Bouquet

Create a beautiful hanging floral jam jar to be used as an alternative to bridesmaid’s/flower girl's bouquets, or as a hanging display for the back of your ceremony aisle seats.


– Jam Jars – your preference on size

– Lace – enough to wrap the circumference of your jar (s)

– String

– Scissors

– Double sided tape

How To:

Cut your lace to size, wrap around the lip of the jar and secure the ends with a small piece of double sided tape.

Cut a length of string. Length required will be twice the circumference of the jar plus your preference on handle length. Add a couple of cm for knot tying.

Wrap your string round the lip of the jar. Tie a loose knot (knot 1)

Turn the jar over and tuck the remaining end between the jar and the string wrapping the lip. This will form your handle.

Return to knot 1 and tie this tightly so as to secure the handle in place.

Wrap the remainder of the string once again round the lip of the jar and tie knot 2 at the base of the handle so you have a neat knot on each side, snipping the ends to neaten the look.

Add flowers to finish. Blooming lovely.

Awesome, no?

Swap the flowers for tea lights (and forgo the water) then hang from tree branches and you've got yourself some romantic decor for your evening reception! Or simply for your home when entertaining al fresco.

Thanks so much to Claire and Susie for sharing this fab DIY project.

Check out Knot and Pop‘s website and blog for more creative, crafty loveliness.