You know I'm a big fan of beautiful wedding garters, right?

Not so much the garter toss. But each to their own.

Well today on Bridal Musings Ninette of Wake Up and Make Love is sharing a DIY tutorial on how to make your own wedding garter!

London wedding photographer, Kat of Kat Hill Photography was kind enough to take some pretty step by step tutorial shots for us.


From this…

To this…


– 1 metre elasticated lace

– A length of ribbon

– Scissors

– Needle + thread / sewing machine

– Goose feathers (but be warned they're quite expensive)

– Glue gun

Project Time & Cost

10- 20 minutes (depending on how fancy you get with embellishments).

All for around £10 / $15

Step By Step Tutorial

1. Measure around thigh – allow an extra half a cm.

2. Take both ends of the lace, with the wrong side facing each other.

(You're working with the underside of the lace so that the stitches will be on the inside and not visible on the pretty side.)

3. Use a needle and thread or sewing machine to create a running stitch across, joining both pieces.

4. Trim off excess.

5. Turn the lace inside out so the pretty side is now facing up.

6. Layer 3 goose feathers – attach with glue gun.

7. Use ribbon to create a bow then attach with glue gun.

8. Repeat the process if you want to make another garter to toss (remember you could always use a simple piece of lace without any embellishments).

The Finished Garter

Now that you've got the basics down why not experiment with other fabrics and embellishments such as tassels, rhinestones, charms, velvet bows, fabric flowers, swarovski crystals…

I could go on!

A very do-able wedding DIY project.

(Even I managed to make a pretty garter and I can barely thread a needle!)

A Crafty Collaboration

Ninette of Wake Up and Make Love creates the cutest wedding favours, stationery and accessories you ever did see. She also specialises in creating gorgeous lingerie and garters, holding regular craft workshops at Homemade London to teach brides to be, hen parties and all round crafty folk how to make them for themselves.

If Kat Hill Photography can make a pair of old scissors and a bit of ribbon look this lovely imagine how beautiful her wedding photos are?! Actually, don't just imagine, head on over to her website and see for yourself. Kat is based in London but photographs weddings around the world.

Homemade London kindly lent us their inspiring space and supplied a few crafty materials for this DIY shoot. If you're based in London and love all things DIY, I highly recommend paying a visit to one of their creative workshops. Plus they host crafty hen parties such as jewellery, perfume and lingerie making afternoons/evenings (complete with bubbly!).

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