This is what happens when a talented painter and a syrup maker get engaged in Slovakia…

A creative, psychedelic explosion of colour and fun!

Captured exquisitely on film by Peter & Veronika Photography, this unique engagement shoot is one of my favourites of all time!

I just love the couple's style and playful manner plus all the dreamy pastel and fluorescent colours . Don't you?

Peter and Veronika share a little more about this awesome couple:

We were so excited about this engagement session. It is not usual to shoot a pair of extremely talented people. Dominika is a beautiful, young, successful artist and Mario is a syrup maker. The place where we took their portraits was Dominika’s studio. You can check out her unique paintings on her blog and you can see Mario's work with syrups at his workshops

Okay, now I really want one of Dominika's pieces in my living room…well not that I have a living room at the moment – I'm living out of a suitcase, currently writing this post from a hotel room in Ethiopia. (More on that in another post!) But you get the idea.

Congratulations Dominika and Mario, wishing you all the best for your wedding plans!

Many thanks to Peter & Veronika Photography for sharing these beautiful photos with us today.

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